What is Software – Types of Software

Set of instructions is called software or programs. We can see and feel it. Software is divided into 4 types: Operating System or System Software, Language, Package and Application Software. Operating System (OS) is an interface between the user and computer. Operating system starts ...Read More

What is Booting Process

Booting is the process in which DOS main files are loaded into the RAM. It is the way the system becomes fully functional or operational from a dead condition or an off condition is known as booting. There are two types of booting – ...Read More

Play RAR Files Without Extracting Using Dziobas Player

Play Downloaded RAR Video Files without extracting with Dziobas Rar Player Portable which lets you play AVI, MPGE, RMVB, OGG, MP3, RAR, MKV, MKA and other popular formats even if you don’t have the proper codecs installed. Other than that, it also supports subtitles ...Read More

Samsung GT-B2700 Can Resist Dust and Water

Samsung has launching the GT-B2700, a new candybar phone certified to be resistant to water and dust. The B2700 is actually a significant upgrade to the rugged Samsung M110.According to Mobil Czech, Samsung’s strategy is to launch phones in a market that has been ...Read More

How-to Lock the Homepage in Mozilla Firefox

With this wonderful firefox tweak you can lock not only the Homepage but all your preferred settings and options from being changed in Firefox. To perform this action you have to be the administrator of the system or your account should have administrator privileges. ...Read More