How-to Set Timeout for Shutdown

With the use of this simple, yet wonderful DOS command you can set timeout to shutdown your PC. You can type this command either in Run or at Command Prompt (or) You can even create a batch file (.bat) and execute it. For that ...Read More

How to Change Default Homepage in Mozilla Firefox

Using this tweak you will be able to change the default homepage from Firefox start to your desired link. After this, whenever you press “Restore to Default” in the homepage selection you arrive at your desired link. You can make your Homepage totally unchangeable ...Read More

How to Create a Macro in Microsoft Excel 2003

Macro in Microsoft Excel is a series of keystrokes that are stored as a single procedure. The process of creating this set of keystrokes is known as recording a macro. Whenever you need to perform the same task, you run a macro. It will ...Read More