Chat in 9 Indian Languages with Yahoo IndiChat

IndiChat is a most useful Yahoo! Messenger chat plug-in for Indians that can facilitate to send chat messages in 9 Indian languages which includes Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali & Gujarati. Just start IndiChat plug-in and begin typing your phonetic spelling ...Read More

Sony Vaio VGN UX50 microPC

Introducing the Sony Vaio VGN UX50 micro PC launched by Sony Corporation. This amazing PC has unique stylish design and eye catching functionality. Don’t go upon its size because it has bundle of outstanding features which makes it simply irresistible for the buyers! The ...Read More

Ordering the Record in FoxPro

Ordering the Record in FoxPro:- Records in a table are arranged in the same order in which they are entered. This arrangement will not be desirable for all applications, specially when the records are to be accessed according to the values in the specified ...Read More