Dell Studio XPS 16 Laptop – Blending power with elegance

The Dell XPS 16 is a unique notebook from Dell studio series which comes with a right blend of style and technology. Don’t go on its sleek looks as it is fully equipped with the latest technology and bundles of new features. The Dell Studio XPS 16 features an amazing WLED wide-screen of 16 inches with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It also comes with a 1080p HD support and RGB-LED for enhancement of color quality.
Dell Studio XPS 16 Laptop
The Dell Studio XPS 16 operates with the latest Centrino 2 platform which enhances the overall operating of the notebook and gives it a blazing speed. The Random Access Memory of the Dell Studio XPS 16 is 4 GB and is of type SDRAM for boosting the processing speed of the applications.

Dell Studio XPS 16 comes with an ATI Mobility RADEON® HD 3670 graphic which lets you use highly graphic based games and applications which require higher graphics. Now you can play highly graphic games online with your friends without having any cables or wires as Dell Studio XPS 16 has an inbuilt N-Mini Card for faster access to the internet.Dell Studio XPS 16 Laptop - Blending power with elegance 1All the above features are bundled only in 6.4 lbs, so you don’t need to worry anymore about carrying it as it is quite portable. The starting price of Dell Studio XPS 16 is $1099 and you can customize its features as per your requirements.

Dell Studio XPS 16 is certainly a promising notebook and the most amazing thing of all is that this notebook has such vast blend of unique features that it can be used by students and professionals in absolutely any field.

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