Samsung YP – U5AB Sporting Music Player

Sports and music go hand to hand with the new Samsung YP-U5AB Mp3 player. Despite of its incredible small size it performs sizeable large functions. Samsung YP–U5AB Mp3 player size
Samsung YP – U5AB fitness mode
The main feature of the Samsung YP-U5AB which makes it stand out from the other Mp3 players is its fitness mode, where the users can key in their weight and count the amount of calories that are burned while jogging or on the treadmill. With the new Samsung YP-U5AB users can tune and move into the beats of their favorite tracks while exercising.

Samsung YP-U5AB comes with sporty looks and stunning new features and it is available in 5 colors. Samsung YP–U5AB Mp3 player 5 colors
The memory used for storage is flash memory with capacity of 4GB. This amazing compact player also comes with an inbuilt FM Radio which allows the users to get tuned to their favorite station with some great music effects. Users can choose from different types of equalizers or customize their own according to the track and mood.

Samsung YP-U5AB comes with other key features like long battery life to play 20 hours of non-stop music, simply drag and drop tracks to the music player when connected to PC, 1000 songs storage capacity and easy USB 2.0 connection. In spite of having so many unique features the Samsung YP-U5AB weighs only 23 grams! So, get tuned into the new Samsung YP-U5AB and experience the difference.

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