Best Android Apps for Healthy Diet and Weight Loss Tips | No Dietitian Required!

Diet Point

If you have ‘Diet Point · Weight Loss‘ app, think you’re having personal weight loss manager as you can know as to how much food is to be taken daily.

Diet Point · Weight Loss Android App

With Diet Point app you can also know as to what type of calories should be in morning breakfast and how much proteins are required in your lunch. Also precautions will be given to lose weight.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

To know the details for reducing the body weight, there’s this intelligent weight loss app available named Noom Weight Loss Coach.

Noom Weight Loss Coach Android App

Using the Coach you can record in the logbook as to what type of food is to be taken, track workouts, food taken, weight loss progress etc.


Lose weight easily with MyFitnessPal, the wonderful calorie counter application to ascertain the details of calories hidden in the food you take.

Nearly 2,000,000+ foods related details are stored in the database of this special calorie counter app for Android phones and tablets.

Water Your Body

For good health the most important requirement is to drink plenty of water everyday without forgetting.

Water Your Body Android App

To remind you to drink adequate water and track your water consumption, Water Your Body Android app is helpful for you. This app will add reminders and tracks as to how many liters of water you drank each day.

Home Remedies

Home Remedies Android app is extending practical health tips like your grandmothers at home.

Home Remedies Android App Screenshots

This app provides natural home remedies for common ailments like colds, coughs, allergies, asthma, stomachaches etc and can help you get relief from small and daily health disorders.

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