Sony Vaio Z46 GD Black Review

Sony has recently launched a new notebook in its high ranged Z series, the Sony Vaio Z46 GD. The ultra slim yet powerful Sony Vaio Z46 GD comes with bundle of high tech computing features and sturdy carbon fiber body. The revolutionary Z series notebooks from Sony computers continue to provide the users with exclusive features and a secure environment for mobile computing.

The Black colored Carbon Fiber body and aluminum keyboard makes it sturdy and elegant.Sony Vaio Z46 GD Black Review 1
Sony Vaio Z46 GD uses the Latest Windows Vista Business 64 bit operating system which provides the users with flexible GUI interface. It uses soaring technology Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a high processing speed of 2.80 GHz which boosts the performance of the notebook. Sony Vaio Z46 GD comes with a wide display screen of 13.1 inches. The display is of the type TFT bright color which enhances the display quality and provides the users with crisp clear clarity.

Sony Vaio Z46 GD comes with high end NVIDIA GeForce 9300M graphic card by which the users can run high end graphic applications and play high graphic games. The notebook also features easy video conferencing facility with its frontal camera of 640 x 480 pixels and built in microphone. Sony Vaio Z46 GD has prime technical features like wireless LAN for wireless internet connectivity, astonishing 6 GB RAM that boosts up the application speed, long battery life of 5 hours and 320 GB serial ATA hard disk with 5400 rpm.

Sony Vaio Z46 GD is ideally suited for professionals due its compact size, sleek design, high tech features and light weight. The notebook is available for MRP Rs. 99,990/- (INR).

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