Cooking Crush: The Best Cooking Game Ever

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Cooking Crush is the wonderfully innovative game that has been the main buzz around gamers nowadays. A friend suggested playing this cooking game and while I must admit that I put off playing it at the start, now I am completely addicted to cooking games I realize why my friend suggested it. I wait the whole day now and start playing as soon as I am done with my work.

Why should I play Cooking Crush?

Cooking Crush is the best new trend in gaming. This kitchen game lets you relax and blend into the perfect kitchen scenario. In this such new cooking games, you are assuming the position of a grandmaster chef. You are in charge of your whole restaurant and all the customers are gathered in front of you.

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The customers rush in the restaurant with their particular orders. Their orders can be simple and easy to make or be a combination of various meals which may be time-consuming to prepare. Either way, it is up to you to satisfy them.

To take a customer’s order you must focus on the rectangular box beside them which contains the pictures of their order. The order depends on the type of restaurant you are working in.

You will start the beginning levels, working in a burger place. There, you should expect to serve your customers with various kinds of burgers and sodas. But you will not be working in the burger joint for the entirety of this food game.

In fact, on finishing a certain number of levels, you will be promoted to a different sort of restaurant that will serve different kinds of food. You will then be cooking in new cooking games for free. It is understandable that working in a similar kitchen throughout can become quite homely and you may even miss your old kitchen. However, a new restaurant will give you new opportunities to not only learn new recipes but also about new cultures.

Cooking Crush Cooking Game Restaurants.

To make your kitchen a bit personal, this incredible kitchen game allows you to customize your kitchen. That is right, you can add accessories and decorations to make your kitchen and restaurant look according to your taste. For example, you can change the look of the furniture, arrangement of tables and chairs, add or remove countertop decorations. Fashion your walls with pretty curtains and even hang an elegant painting!

This cooking game will make you very happy

Did it ever happen to you that you are playing a game and you suddenly become very tired and exhausted? You just can not seem to focus on the game anymore. You try to sleep but even sleep does not come easily.

Fear no more. This game will end this problem for all your players. Cooking Crush has introduced daily happiness challenges which let the players take small amounts of time to meditate. You will be blessed with small challenges that will offer you coins in exchange for deep breathing, counting blessings, smiling and laughing.

Cooking Crush Cooking Game Happiness Wall Daily Happiness Challenges.

Not only will you be improving your own mental health but also gaining gold coins in the process. This will help you along with the game. You can use this money to shop for decorations, power boosters, new utensils, et cetera.

How can I win coins?

  1. Gold coins are the main currency in this game. You earn coins mainly by finishing customers’ orders. When the customers are satisfied, they leave money in exchange for their meal. If the meal is served very quickly, the customers might even leave a tip as appreciation.

  2. Gold coins can also be earned by other means. Daily happiness challenges are a splendid way to store some gold coins. Not only will you be doing yourself a favor but also gaining coins for it.

  3. Watching some video ads after finishing a level doubles the number of coins earned from that level. This is optional.
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2 thoughts on “Cooking Crush: The Best Cooking Game Ever”

  1. Ayokunnumi Allitijesu

    I have seen people not given to playing computer games. However, their views change when the niche is different. The cooking inclined game will entice people in this category.

  2. Cynthia Stelmaschuk

    I love this game. I have left the rest of the games to play this one. My only complaint is that when I play the extra game for gems I am competing against people that don’t exist. There are some people that are at the top of the list in two restaurants.

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