This Must-Have Car Vacuum Can Jumpstart a Dead Battery (And Charge Your Phone)

You love decking your car out with high-tech gadgets, but how many of them can save your life? Jumpi is a cordless vacuum that can do just that. A high-powered vacuum for daily use and a jumpstarter and power bank when emergency strikes, Jumpi is the car companion gadget that keeps you safe no matter where the road takes you.

Jumpi is a brand new car vacuum with some pretty outstanding features.

Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner, Jump Starter, and Power Bank

Let’s take a look at what Jumpi is made of so you can decide if your car needs a boost in comfort and safety.

High-Performance Clean

Jumpi deep-cleans carpeted and non-carpeted surfaces in your car. With stronger suction than any other vacuum of its kind, Jumpi is able to pick up particles down to a microscopic level (including bacteria, mites, mold, and fungus) as well as large particles and heavy debris.

Jumpi car vacuum cleaner with powerful suction cleans even the smallest, unseen microbes hiding in your car seats, mats, and floors.

This is not a car vacuum to mess with. Jumpi’s high-powered suction allows you to completely clean your car in just go. If you have a family or pets, there’s no knowing what’s lurking in the corners of your car. Now, you can keep them all safer and enjoy a fresh vehicle with almost zero effort.

Compact and Cordless

Whether you drive a sedan, a truck, or a smart car, Jumpi will fit easily in your vehicle. At just about 1 foot in length and under 3 inches tall, it’s the smallest car vacuum out there. It can even fit in your glove compartment. And it weighs less than an iPad, so it’s truly a gadget you can take with you anywhere.

Jumpi car vacuum is as light as an iPad!

Jumpi is completely cordless and powered by a rechargeable battery. You’ll never have to deal with tangles or knots that plague other car vacuums, and nothing will prevent you from reaching those tough-to-clean spots.

Easy to Use

Jumpi is made for simplicity. That’s what makes it the perfect companion for busy people, families, commuters, students, travelers, Uber drivers and more. Jumpi’s large handle and ultra-light weight make it unbelievably simple to clean your space quickly—and without even leaving the driver’s seat.

Ultra-light and super portable Jumpi car vacuum cleaner.

Need some extra reach? Just snap on the precision attachment (included with purchase) to add extra length and concentrated suction power. The attachment makes it easy to reach anywhere in your car with ease, and its needle-like tip fits naturally between seat cushions and into hard-to-reach spots.

Antibacterial Protection

What’s the point of keeping your car clean if you can’t keep your hands clean in the process? When you use other car vacuums, getting bacteria, grime, and dirt on your hands is unavoidable. Then, it gets passed on to your steering wheel and eventually into your body.

Jumpi is protected from harmful microbes by an antibacterial lining. This guarantees Jumpi will stay free from bacteria even if left in a dirty car for ages. Every time you use it, you’ll be touching a bacteria-free surface and keeping your hands and body free from all the rubbish that you’re sucking up.

When it comes time to discard Jumpi’s dirt chamber, you won’t come into contact with any of the refuse. Just press a button and dump the canister. There’s no need to get your hands dirty or deal with vacuum bags.

Premium Jumper Cables

Jumpi is a professional-grade battery jumpstarter—no corners were cut during production. Its cables are insulated and coated for durability and protection from electrical current, and the clamps are shockproof and corrosion-resistant.

You won’t find a better pair of jumper cables at an auto parts store—but you’ll sure pay a lot more.

Mistake-Proof Safety

Jumpi has revamped and reenvisioned jumper cables to make them safer, easier, and more effective.

Standard jumper cables are dangerous and difficult to use. If you don’t have experience jumping batteries (not many people do!), then you risk doing massive damage to your vehicle. Jumpi’s low-voltage cables are mistake-proof, protecting you and your car from dangerous current even if you’ve never used jumper cables before.

Jumpi’s cables feature protection from:

  • Over-current
  • Short-circuiting
  • Over-voltage
  • Overloading
  • Over-charging

If you’re in an emergency, you don’t have time to second-guess. Jumpi’s jumper cables let you jump with confidence and get back on the road in seconds.

Jumpstart Without Another Battery

When you use standard jumper cables, you need another car present to jump your battery. There’s only one problem with that: What if there aren’t any other cars around?

If you’re late to work with a dead battery, it could take an hour to get someone to come help you with a jump.

And if you’re stranded at night in a place you don’t know, do you really want to flag down a stranger?

With Jumpi, you can jumpstart your battery solo. Jumpi contains its own power source which has enough juice for 10 jumps per charge. All you need to do is attach the cable, press a button on Jumpi, and start your car.

Done. You’re back on the road.

A potential disaster is now easier to resolve than checking your oil.

Power Bank

We live by our gadgets nowadays, especially in the car. Don’t believe it? When’s the last time you used a map? It’s probably been years. We all use GPS now!

But if you’re on the go and your phone dies, that means your map dies too. If you have Jumpi at your side, you’ll be able to get charged up and back on track in no time. Jumpi’s power bank reserve holds enough power to charge your phone to full 2.5 times. But you can also charge your computer, tablet, and anything else that’s USB-compatible.

Quick Charging

If you have an emergency behind the wheel, you can’t waste a second. Jumpi’s power bank keeps you in touch thanks to its fast charging capabilities. It will charge your devices twice as fast as conventional chargers. When you power up quicker, you can get connected sooner. With Jumpi, you’re never alone on the road.

Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Jump Starter, Vacuum Cleaner and Power Bank.

Try Jumpi Today for Over 50% Off

Jumpi is the only car vacuum that can make your vehicle sparkling clean and keep your safe in an emergency. It’s perfect for vehicles of all sizes, and it can jump batteries in diesel and gas-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs.

In celebration of the product launch, you can get Jumpi for a special price of up to 60% off. This deal won’t last. It’s only available for the first batch of Jumpi vacuums off the manufacturing floor. So don’t wait, and grab your Jumpi today.

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