WikiFX Helps You Win in the Fierce Battlefield That is Forex Trading

WikiFX Global Forex Broker Regulatory Inquiry App: Information from over 30 regulators worldwide, millions of downloads.

WikiFX Concept:

With a minimal investment of about $50 for most brokers, forex trading is one of the most sought-after businesses due to its affordable starting capital. Many first-timers go on to reel in high profits as you so often hear about on social media channels; however, what you might not hear enough of is the ugly side of the industry where thousands have lost their hard-earned money to Forex scams. In a field so vast and unpredictable, staying on the straight and narrow can be hard, and that’s where WikiFX comes in. Like a blind person’s guide who directs away from danger and onto safe paths, the WikiFX Broker Regulatory Inquiry App advises your Forex choices, so you steer clear of mistakes!


WikiFX is your one-stop platform for all Forex matters. Its job description entails the following:

  • A detailed round-up of Forex news from across the world. Find out what investors are saying about the future of the industry, among other informative content that’ll play a part in your Forex investment decisions.
  • With partnerships across 30 regulators and more than 18,000 brokers, WikiFX provides a plethora of trusted professionals in the industry.
  • Scam exposures: Are there landmines you need to avoid in the field of Forex trading? WikiFX lets you know exactly what and who these scammers are so that you can learn from other people’s mistakes as opposed to your own.
  • Relationship diagrams: Get the full scoop of a broker’s relationships, including clones, fake clones, representatives, etc.

WikiFX is available on the Apple App Store, as it is on Google’s platform.

How WikiFX works

Are you scratching your head about a suspicious broker? Know with certainty by looking up the individual or company on WikiFX’s massive and authoritative database. You can do just that in the prompt search bar labeled “Company name/Registration No.” Real-time ratios of various currencies from around the globe can be viewed from the “Market” button, while you can uncover field surveys by WikiFX to brokers via the “Survey” tab.

Why WikiFX is better than them all

WikiFX offers a comprehensive evaluation of every broker license, regulation level, software quality, risk-control ability, and business strength to its extensive broker validity search. You can double-check a broker you’re not sure about. Additionally, WikiFX itself provides a huge selection of more than 18,000 brokers worldwide while it has partnered with more than 30 regulators to ensure the utmost safety of forex investors.

The sheer number of options, and the intuitive use of technology, see WikiFX leap to the top of the leaders’ pile.

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