Asus G60J – An ideal laptop for gamers

Asus has recently added a new member in its family, the Asus G60J loaded with high technical features for an outraged performance.

Asus G60J laptop

With the boosting latest technology and stylish new design, the Asus G60J is going to be a definite addiction in the market. This amazing laptop is an ideal icon for gamers with its ultra gaming features and Intel core i7 processor.

The Asus G60J comes with a G60J’s Core i7-820QM which is a quad-core chip that provides turbo boost technology that monitors the loading of processor, consumption of power and helps to maintain a steady temperature.

The Asus G60J is loaded with key features and technical specifications like:

  • Intel core i7 820QM processor with clock speed of 1.73 GHz
  • 4096 MB of RAM of type DDR3 (expandable upto 8GB) for high speed application processing
  • Intel PM45 chipset with data bus speed of 1066 MHz
  • 1000 GB of SATA Hard Disk for storing huge volumes of data
  • Built in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet for easy wireless networking solutions
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M Graphic Processor for running high graphic applications and 3D games which require a high graphic support.
  • 16 inches LCD display screen with LED backlight display with a high resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Built-in Microphones and Camera for easy audio video conferencing
  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Operating system for providing users with smoother, secure and flexible computing environment
Asus-G60J-laptop comes with blue colored robotic designed body that weights 3.3 kgs with dimensions 375 x 41 x 265 mm
Asus G60J blue colored robotic designed body

The Asus G60J comes with a blue colored robotic designed body that weights 3.3 kgs with dimensions 375 x 41 x 265 mm. The laptop is priced reasonably at
£1,700 approx.

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