AVG AntiVirus Free – Antivirus Software with Over 500 Million Downloads

AVG AntiVirus Free is a faster, safer and easier to use antivirus software available free of charge to home users and can deliver efficient protection against all viruses, spyware and malware.

AVG AntiVirus Free
AVG AntiVirus Free

According to CNET Downlaod.com AVG AntiVirus Free is the most downloaded anti-virus software with 562,085,381 downloads so far and counting. As it is available free of cost, you can get rapid virus database updates directly from AVG for the lifetime of the product, providing you the top-notch virus detection capability.
AVG AntiVirus Free Download

AVG AntiVirus Free comes with a combined anti-virus and anti-malware engine and is bundled with some very useful features like:

  • Identity Theft Recovery Unit (ITRU)
    With identity theft being one of the fastest-growing internet scams these days, Identity Theft Recovery Unit (ITRU) provides you the best solution with Identity Guard. This feature is accessible from the AVG toolbar in Firefox and Internet Explorer and is available to the users in the United States.
  • LinkScanner and e-mail scanning
    The AVG LinkScanner feature protects you from third-party code exploits by scanning the web pages you haven’t even visited yet and informs you about exploits, hacked sites, phishing/fraud scams and other potential threats.
  • AVG Search-Shield
    AVG Search-Shield gives safety ratings for search engine results and will let you know if the site links returned on search engine results pages (SERPs) from Google, Yahoo, Bing and others are safe to visit or not.
    AVG AntiVirus Free search shield safety ratings
    AVG AntiVirus link safety ratings
  • Anti-phishing & Anti-rootkit detection to ensure protection against sophisticated hidden threats
  • Optimization Scan to increase scanning performance
    AVG AntiVirus Free optimization scan increases scanning performance
    AVG AntiVirus Optimization Scan

Download free AVG AntiVirus from download.cnet.com

After downloading the AVG AntiVirus Free installer file from above page, remain online and double-click or run it to proceed with the actual download.

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