No One Can Hack Your Account Unless You Commit a Mistake

No one can hack our accounts unless we allow doing so without putting necessary and preventive security measures in place. Although it’s a never-ending game of cat and mouse for black hat hackers and security professionals, I will have to say that popular sites like Google, facebook and twitter etc, are providing all the required security settings to efficiently fight against snoopers, spy, social engineering and hackers etc., but without being aware of them and enabling them is like getting into trouble.

For instance, to efficiently defence your facebook account security,

  1. enabling secure browsing (https) and
  2. login approvals
  3. is recommended.

facebook security

Login approvals send security code and notifications to your mobile device during facebook account login and it also supports sending of alert messages to email and mobile when an unauthorized computer is logged-in to our facebook account. Also for the enhaced security of facebook users, recently facebook security team has announced integration with the security firm Websense which works to protect people using those links on facebook that mislead them to malicious websites. And evidently facebook security team efforts are fruitful as each day it prevents at least 600000 attempts by hackers to break into user accounts.

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