Best Mattress Apps for People Who Suffer Back Pain

Back pain is one of the leading causes of sleep deprivation, which is something we all want to fend off, as it leads to a significant number of health issues. Unfortunately, it is a universal impairment of our modern society.

Sleep experts have various solutions meant to help us lower or eliminate our back pains during rest, and so does technology as well. Smart mattresses, controlled by easy-to-run apps, are becoming more and more popular. Their primary purpose is to offer us our well-deserved good night repose. I’ve seen a lot of such apps trending on the market and most of them present approximately the same features: sleep monitoring sensors, night-time noises recording, smart alarms, data collecting and even the ability to give out suggestions on how to improve our slumber habits. There are also mattresses that offer dynamic benefits from health to physical attributes, such as a natural latex mattress. It is extremely comfortable, promotes pain relief, natural spine alignment, natural resistance to mold and dust mites and a lot more.

But there are also the mattress-controlling apps, which turn our beds into smart bunks. That way, they can help us not only understand our sleeping problems but also get a better rest and defeat the pain. Here are three of the best mattress apps I found to be extremely valuable:

Eight Sleep Tracker

Eight Sleep Tracker - Best Mattress Apps for People Who Suffer Back Pain The package consists of an app and the elaborated sensors’ layer which the app controls and the algorithm that makes everything function. All together, they will turn your mattress into your best friend. You can enjoy the dual zone warming feature and the advanced sleep tracking system. By gathering information about your sleeping habits, heart rhythm, breathing rate, etc. (even for two people separately), the Eight Sleep Tracker will identify the reason for your restless sleep. Tossing and turning in bed may be caused by back pains; the app records your movements during the night and makes practical suggestions on what you could improve.

Smart Duvet Breeze

Smart Duvet Breeze - Best Mattress Apps for People Who Suffer Back Pain The app controls a bloating-air mat (which goes inside the duvet cover of your mattress), through a control box that you’re supposed to hide under the Smart Duvet self-making bed. The air gets pushed into the mat; you can choose warm or cold air to be driven into the mat – or both of them, but independently for each side of the bed, according to individual preferences. The right temperature and the proper back support will create a sound sleeping environment for your body, which is a big help for all those suffering from back pain.


Balluga - Best Mattress Apps for People Who Suffer Back Pain
Balluga App pages for Firmness, Massage & Temperature control

While reading the post, I came across a piece of captivating information on the existence of some apps that allow you to alter the firmness of the mattress you sleep on anytime you use it. I believe that such a feature is precious for people with back pain. The reason is simple: it helps you get improved support. And excellent support leads to a healthier sleep; thus, you will wake up in the morning not being bothered by soreness. One app which can do that is Balluga. In fact, this is a smart bed controlled by an app which enables it to adjust its firmness and support level (for each side of the bunk, according to the individual preferences of two different sleepers). It can also track your vital functions and fine-tune the temperature of each part of the mattress as well, to match your requirements. Once you find the right settings for you, the app allows you to use them on any other Balluga smart bed in the world, which, I have to say, is remarkable.

Balluga: The World’s Smartest Bed

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