23 Good Reasons for Businesses to Invest in Organic SEO Techniques

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

“SEO is dead” they say. But, the death of it is never to be seen.

SEO is still alive and very much so. It is by far, the best marketing technique in this present market.

It is cost-free, hassle-free and works for you day and night to help you achieve your goals.

It is not like your other employees, who come to work time to time and take holidays and ask for huge compensations.

It works for you with devotion and never gets tired.

You can easily put forth your name in the market with the help of good SEO tactics.

If you are ranking high in the search engines, you are getting millions of eyeballs everyday and almost half of them are converting into customers!

Surely, SEO is a wise investment to make, as compared to other marketing investments.

Why Invest in SEO?

You can’t just put your business on the internet and wait for customers to come and buy your stuff.

That is not going to happen because nobody knows about you and what you provide.

You have to spread the word out about your brand or business.

It is here that SEO comes into play. SEO can decrease your marketing efforts and increase the sales.

Here, I will provide 23 strong and good reasons, why any business should invest in SEO.

1. SEO is not a price paid, but an investment that pays!

SEO is a marketing strategy, that doesn’t ask you to pay high amount of money.

Instead, it asks you to invest your money and then works day and night to double your sales and profit.

If you are ranking in the top 3 search results, you are going to generate good leads and earn heavy amount of money!

And this will happen only with the help of SEO.

2. SEO enlightens your brand.

SEO highlights your brand and help it stand out.

It puts forth the worth of your brand and how it can prove to be useful.

You can make your brand very popular with good SEO tactics and then, your brand name will linger around the vast world of internet.

3. SEO is the spine for your marketing efforts.

SEO alone can’t help you accomplish your marketing goals.

But, SEO plays a big part in almost every of your marketing techniques.

Be it, social media marketing, branding and other marketing tactics.

4. SEO helps you reach your customers yourself.

Unlike the traditional method of customers coming to the shop and buying things, SEO has made possible for you to reach your customers yourself.

You can help them according with their needs and attract sales.

5. SEO works quietly.

SEO stays away from other sections of your business and works solitarily towards helping you achieve your goals.

You don’t need to care about the marketing sector of your business, as it is being taken care of by SEO.

6. SEO won’t cost you a heavy pocket!

Though you’ll see some SEO agencies, charging staggering amount of money, it is not really like that. Remember, SEO is an investment.

It will pay you double for your money and in half the time.

SEO can never be deemed as costly.

7. SEO before the start.

SEO gives you the benefit of shaping your business according to it.

You can determine your SEO tactics before even starting your business and then, you configure it according to your SEO techniques.

This will help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

8. SEO can work with your CMS.

Many CMSs are SEO friendly and you can know your SEO success yourself.

You can also, alter and add different SEO methods according to you, with the help of your CMS.

9. SEO can make your brand’s impact!

SEO is better than sending flyers, brochures and business cards all over the place!

Your business is visible and exposed at the finger tips of the people with the help of gadgets and technology!

10. SEO helps you make your business look exactly like you want.

You can write your own desired content, your meta descriptions and your title tags.

With SEO, you can do everything as per your choice.

Your business will look exactly like you want it to look and will reach the people, you want it to reach.

11. SEO helps you enhance your social media.

SEO increases the chances of your content being shared on social media.

What’s more is that, you can control what will people share.

Once your business has caught social fame, sales will grow wildly!

12. SEO is innovation.

SEO is not a rigorous thing with fixed rules and instructions.

It is about innovation. SEO demands economic knowledge, technical knowledge and psychological knowledge, with an innovation driven mindset.

The more innovative and knowledgeable you are, the more you can win with your SEO.

13. SEO can build trust.

SEO can make you stand tall at the top of search results.

This will indicate to the customers that your brand is a well-established one.

They will start building trust and will come over and over again to your website.

14. SEO makes you no. 1

Nobody remembers the one who is second or third.

SEO helps you rank at no. 1 for certain keywords.

This way, you’ll have more clicks and eventually more sales.

Also, you’ll be deemed as a hero in the market!

15. SEO has long term benefits.

SEO is not a one time thing. If done correctly, a single SEO tactic can yield you results for years!

A single good investment in an SEO strategy means, you can dwell on it for life!

You’ll rank higher and generate manifold sales.

16. SEO aids in offline sales!

It is true that SEO is an online thing but, most of the people prefer buying things offline.

What they do is, they make all the research about what is trending and awesome and, 

Then they buy the same thing offline on stores. This means with use of SEO, you are also gaining offline sales!

17. SEO brings relevant customers.

SEO will help you rank for keywords and, if somebody searches for that particular keyword,

Your name will pop up. This means, only people who are genuinely searching for the product or service you provide, will get to you.

Possibility is, that maximum amount of visitors through keyword, will buy your product.

18. SEO is measurable.

Unlike other marketing techniques, SEO is measurable.

You can exactly know the whole journey of the user that visited your site.

And, with advanced analytics, you can also know their intent!

19. SEO consultant are your assets.

Having a highly skilled SEO consultant can prove to be very fruitful.

Your SEO consultant like Deepak Shukla can find you the keywords and do all the technical stuff for you.

You just have to lend the results and see the sales coming!

20. SEO can be shaped to work for you.

SEO, if used perfectly, can be shaped according to your needs.

SEO can drive you away from places where market is small and where there is very less potential.

It can take you to where your goals are best fit to be achieved.

21. SEO is more efficient than paid traffic.

SEO attracts more search traffic than paid traffic.

Also, paid traffic costs more than SEO.

SEO clearly beats paid traffic and can drive many eyeballs to your website.

22. SEO is targeted for the users.

SEO is solely targeted for enhancing the users experience.

And, if you are providing a better user experience, you will eventually make more sales.

23. SEO helps you take advantage of your competitor’s weakness.

If your competitors aren’t spending much on their SEO,

They will have some weak points in their business.

You, with good SEO techniques, can take advantage of this and provide users what your competitors aren’t providing.


These 23 solid and strong reasons clearly denote that, SEO is a wise investment.

It is a seed that, if sown at the right time, and provided with the right resources, can reap you fruitful results.

Invest in your SEO now and see your business grow!

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Author Bio: 
Shiva Kushwaha is a Jr. Content Writer working for Ranking By SEO. He has written on different digital marketing topics including, SEO, Link Building, Content marketing and so on.

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