Newest Trends Of 2019: Sexy Fonts, Coloring Postcards, American Flag Vectors

Newest Design Trends Of 2019: Coloring Postcards

Every nerd needs a resource to learn about the latest news in the IT world. Apart from this, marketers, web designers, programmers, and copywriters may need quality graphics resources for work. So, MasterBundles is a crossover between a graphics resources repository and valuable information vault. Here, IT professionals can find posts covering the latest insights, trends, and news.

The graphics bundles created by professional designers are not only reasonably priced but also offer the best quality! Every nerd who’s looking to stay in touch with the latest trends should add MasterBundles to their browser bookmarks. The cool thing is, there are lots of mind-blowing deals and discounts on a vast selection of items. Specific bundles come free of charge or with a 99% discount.

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Best Bundles and Deals | Master Bundles

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s in this season:

How to Host a Website? Types of Web Hosting

Website creation is no rocket science anymore in 2019. All it takes is having a unique domain name, a trustworthy hosting provider and a drag-and-drop website builder. In case you don’t know what web hosting is, that is a physical location of a website on the internet service provider’s server.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting | More Details

The selection of hosting types is huge to cater to projects of any complexity. In the linked post, you will learn the difference between dedicated server hosting, virtual private server hosting, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, or colocation. Webmasters can select the option that perfectly fits the project in development. The price range will suit any budget, whether you need a shared host for $2-$10/month or a cloud hosting for more than $30/month!

The article provides you with a comparison chart featuring the specs of the biggest internet hosting providers on the market:

  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • SiteGround
  • Bluehost
  • InMotion

So, next time you’re choosing a hosting solution for your future project, feel free to consult this post. Currently, on the MasterBundles website, you can get 100% free hosting deals:

  • InMotion Hosting Promo Code 2019: Get 1 Year of FREE Hosting (Exclusive Offer) – FREE
InMotion Hosting Exclusive Offer - Get 1 Year of FREE Hosting.
  • Free Shared Hosting from – FREE
Free Hosting By - Limited Time Offer - FREE For 2 Months.

10+ Coloring Postcard Designs 2019

It’s no secret, Postcrossing has become a huge trend in 2019. No wonder, paper postcards of all forms are enjoying the popularity as well. Coloring postcards with intricate designs and motivational phrases are now more popular than ever. Our stressful life demands simple solutions for stress relief. Naturally, there’s no better way to shake off the troubles of the working day than coloring a few mandalas. Coloring books and postcards are the best for relieving stress.

Coloring Postcards. Be You. Do You. For You. Decide What to Be and Go Be It!
Coloring Postcards With Motivational Quotes| More Details

Seeking unconventional postcard designs with motivational quotes? Luckily, MasterBundles now has a few deals to get you interested. As we previously mentioned, exchanging postcards is now in fashion. So, you can order a postcard and send it to three people by regular post. There’s also an option of sending digital postcards to a chosen addressee. All you need to do is select the viable delivery option at the time of purchase. 

Take a look at the motivational postcard designs currently offered on MasterBundles. All items are 100% printable and are available in PSD and TIFF file formats.

  • Be You. Do You. For You. Coloring Postcard – $3

“Be You. Do You. For You” will be a lovely present for a friend or a family member.

  • Coloring Postcard Mandala Design – $3

“Your Only Limit Is Your Mind” is a simple but powerful message. Present this postcard to someone who needs a bit more self-love and motivation.

  • Motivational Coloring Postcard – $3

“If You Know You Can Do Better Then Do Better” can be a great gift for a colleague or a business partner. Embellished with a beautiful mandala design, this card bears its stunning simplicity.

  • Mandala Coloring Postcard – $3

“You Only Fail When You Stop Trying” is a phrase that motivates to move on despite failed attempts.

  • You Can! Motivational Mandala Coloring Postcard – $3

“You Can” is pure motivation expressed in two words. This card is a universal gift to anyone who needs motivation and a little faith in themselves.

12 American Flag Vector Products For Your Design Project 2019

American Flag Vector - Happy 4th July - Independence Day.
American Flag Vector | More Details

July 4th, Memorial Day, Veteran Day and other national holidays require truly patriotic designs. Naturally, an American flag is a necessary design element for any holiday-related projects. The Star-Spangled Banner will look perfect whether it’s on your website or on the envelope.

Mind you, a high-quality American flag vector clipart is hard to come by. Fortunately, MasterBundles provides you with free and premium USA flag mockups to fit the project of any complexity.

  • Photorealistic Flag MockUp – $6
Photorealistic Flag MockUp - 1 Animated GIF + 10 PSD + 9 Sky Textures.

Photorealistic Flag MockUp bundle contains 10 PSD files with flags in different angles, 1 Animated mockup, 9 background textures, and other graphics.

  • Patriotic America Clip Art – $6
Patriotic America Clip Art Vectors

If you’re looking for patriotic American flag clipart, this bundle is your go-to choice! Use this clipart for Federal Holidays designs.

Amazing Font: Guide on How to Choose a Font

Sexy Font: Guide on How to Choose a Font. A Life Without Music is a Life Without Soul.
Sexy Font | More Details

Being a typographer requires a profound knowledge of typefaces. So, if you’re only treading this uneasy path, you might want a little help. The linked post is part 5 of MasterBundles typography tutorial. Feel free to go back to the previous parts and see the nuggets of wisdom you missed. As for this post, it covers the following subjects:

  • What types of fonts exist?
  • Which fonts to use for long text and short text?
  • How to use a font?
  • How to pick the font colors?
  • Where can you find fonts online?
  • What are the credible sources to download the fonts from?

Already intrigued? So, without any further ado, see the amazing font bundles of this summer:

  • 14 Fantastic Fonts – Only $5
14 Fantastic Fonts - 90% OFF. Ambassador Plus. Hilton Sans. Hilton Serif. Fram (2 styles). Britva. General (5 styles).
  • Charming Typography: 10 Hand Drawn Font Scripts – just $12
Hand Drawn Font Script Charming Fonts Bundle.
  • Amazing Handwritten Fonts Bundle – just $9
Introducing Amazing Handwritten Fonts Bundle – just $9 | 3 font families .OTF and .TTF 70% OFF
  • 29 Fonts for Commercial Use. Make Your Text Amazing! – Only $10
 29 Fantastic Fonts Bundle with Commercial License. Each font comes in both .OTF and .TTF file format.
  • Free Script Font: Think Music – $0
Think Music - A Stylish New Font.
  • Typography Bundle: Lev Distressed Font – $0
Lev Distressed Font By TypeFaith Fonts.

Butterfly Clipart 2019: What and Where to Search for?

Butterfly Clipart
Butterfly Clipart | More Details

Together with unicorn clipart, butterfly clipart stands among the loveliest design trends of 2019. In different religions, a butterfly has a powerful meaning symbolizing the human soul. In the Christian religion, a butterfly is the symbol of resurrection.

Butterfly clipart can be used as a photo overlay or decorative elements for backgrounds and textures. No need to rush anywhere in search of quality butterfly clipart, as MasterBundles can provide you with a few great items:

  • 80 Watercolor Butterfly Clipart Set – $14
80 Watercolor Butterfly Clipart Set.

80 beautiful watercolor butterflies bundle will be just perfect for wallpaper design, DIY, scrapbooking, etc.

  • 86 Butterflies Photo Overlays – $8
86 Butterflies Photo Overlays

If you want your images to look cool and unique, feel free to employ these 86 Photo Overlays. They come in PNG format with transparent background.

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