Make a Business Website in No Time – Mobirise Website Builder Tutorial

Gone are the days where the investors held all the power, 2019 has brought about an era of young entrepreneurs who captivate their audiences through the internet. The Internet provides them with an international platform to sell their products but for that, one needs to develop an attractive and easy-to-use website. Here is where Mobirise website builder comes to play. It is a freeware website architecture application, built by a company called Mobirise. It is utilized to structure site pages, site building, and landing pages. It has an assortment of particular highlights that sets it apart and permits users with practically no experience to appreciate the application and relief them of extended periods of coding time.

Mobirise Website Builder. Free Website Builder Software

Mobirise Website Maker

Mobirise Website Builder is incredibly easy to utilize and pursue. Any individual who can adhere to guidelines can work with it. It has salient key features;

  • With differing bootstraps and AMP formats, Mobirise encourages its clients to plan sites at a lot quicker rate. Users can select a layout reasonable for their prerequisites. It has an assortment of typography, forms, buttons, tables, customized styling through CSS and image carousels, etc. with an open-source HTML framework that prioritizes the user-experience above all and helps its users to build a website by following simple steps.
  • Mobirise paves way for high ranking search engine optimization such that your business can be spotted over the internet when a user enters a local search for its products and services. This can help increase the amount of traffic visiting the website over time.
  • Mobirise collection of content blocks has over 1500 elements. It offers more than 50 themes and 150 demo pages to alter the layout as indicated by your necessities. The blocks are designed according to latest trends and are anything but easy to alter. You can select the required block, drag and drop it to the page to adjust its position, edit the fonts and get your ideal output.
Mobirise Website Builder - Site Styles
  • Mobirise features an image gallery for your website so developers can attract more traffic towards their website.
  • To promote the website on social media pages, Mobirise has ‘Share This Page’ and ‘Follow Us’ blocks. Social share counter displays automatically, without any tweaking.
  • Once you are done with the set-up, users of Mobirise can host anywhere through a hosting plan issued by Mobirise. Now publishing website to a local drive, FTP or host on, AmazonS3, Google Cloud, GitHub Pages, has never been easier.

The fan base for Mobirise Website Builder is quickly increasing. One of the main reasons is its unique and customizable templates. Increase in business ventures gives the users a good run for their money. In this situation, Mobirise understands the need to set a product apart from its competition and offers its customers with a huge collection of content blocks and themes. All you need to do is customize the blocks as you like, drag and drop them anywhere on the page, adjust their position.

How to make a business website

Downloading a Mobirise app is very simple. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps

  • Download the Mobirise app from the official website
  • Install suitable files, according to your device type – Windows or MAC.
  • Unpack the .zip file and run the .exe file to install the app.
Mobirise Website Builder Software. Drag And Drop Website Builder Software
Best Drag and Drop Website Builder Software

Now all there’s left for you, is to set your website up. Mobirise presents you with the latest designs and trends, to choose from. It has a diverse group of templates available for example; BusinessM4, CompanyAMP, StrategyAMP, BrandAMP, StartupAMP, AgencyM4 or another template. To make your webpage feel like home, Mobirise offers editing tools. From sticky menus and useful introductions to price tags, image galleries, and sliders, Mobirise has it all.

You can add a touch of your charm to your webpage and personalize it as you go. Lastly, through free hosting by Mobirise, you can publish your website locally by uploading it directly to your server via FTP or to GitHub Pages.


Mobirise is quick and easy to download with its professional and sleek pre-designed blocks. It is user-friendly software that allows useful modifications. It can be operated by just about anyone. Free hosting services allow customers to upload the finished website via FTP, Google Drive or to a local server.

Build Your Awesome Website With Mobirise Website Builder Software


Mobirise website builder is an innovative freeware that provides its users, whether specialized or non-specialized, to build their own web designs and websites that fulfills their prerequisites. This application can run on Windows, Mac and even mobiles and it is free for commercial and non-profit use. It’s easy to use feature helps the users to set up the website in a matter of days if not hours.

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