Great Prank Apps to Download Today

Best Prank Apps: iFart Fart Sounds Prank App, Hilarious Prank Calls App, Bee Swatter Prank Game App, Police Siren App.

iFart¬†–¬†Fart Sounds Prank App.

Every good prank app list wouldn’t feel right without the mandatory fart app. Fart jokes have existed since entertainers could fart, let’s just put it that way.

iFart takes care of all your flatulence prank needs with its following signature features, let’s take a look.

  • Security Fart

Contrary to what you were probably assuming iFart isn’t just a prank app to spam lethal fart sounds at your enemies. iFart has cleverly implemented their own security system to deter criminals. If you’re casually walking down the street and a thief tries to snatch your phone the app will act as an alarm, blasting a fart sound which will catch your thief off-guard.

  • Sneak Attack

This fun little function enables you to have a great time at the expense of others. Begin by setting the timer for 30 seconds and proceed to silently place your phone in a hidden spot next to your friend. Sneak away and after the timer runs out a fart noise will play, resulting in a few laughs towards your wrongly accused friend in the room.

Hilarious Prank Calls App by Ownage Pranks

Many of us at some point have attempted a prank call, and if you have, you’d quickly realize it’s not as easy as it looks on TV. Whether you’re a regular prank caller or someone wanting to get quick payback on a friend Ownage Pranks is the best prank calling app available right now.

With this app, you can make prank calls effortlessly with their impressive selection of prerecordings (over 100 in fact). The app has produced its own unique content so prank scripts are fresh and original. These prank scripts also happen to feature the very best characters from their famous Ownage Pranks YouTube channel.

Each prerecording sets up a different prank scenario, i.e. a neighbour rudely requesting to connect to your WiFi or a complaint claiming you’ve been playing Tina Turner tracks all night.

After you have chosen your selected prank script, it will be automatically played once you make the prank call. The authenticity of a prank calls is heavily emphasized as scripts are written in a way to flow naturally in conversation. Pre-recordings also have human-like response times, ensuring the person on the line will never assume its a prerecording.

Additional Features:

  • Prank calls are recorded so you can listen again afterwards.
  • Submit your prank calls to the ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ where the best reactions are featured.
  • All calls are anonymous, so you have no chance of being caught.
  • Enjoy one free credit per day so you can continually prank your friends.

Bee Swatter Prank Game

As the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. This deceiving prank app does a fantastic job of disguising itself as an old school arcade game, perfect for tricking even your most sceptical friends.

Begin the prank by challenging your friend to complete the game by swatting the bees. As each bee wave increases in difficulty, so will the swattings intensity.

After your friend continues to bash the screen, the phone will suddenly make a shattering noise and become unresponsive to commands. This prank gives the impression the phone is broken, which makes for some fun panicky reactions.

After you’ve finished tormenting your buddy by demanding a new phone, you can proceed to repair the fake damage. To fix the supposedly broken app slide your finger across the screen, specifically from the far-right/lower corner, to the left-upper corner.

Epic Police Siren App

Traffic violations are no laughing matter, and there are few things worse than getting pulled over by the cops. However, if you got pulled over today and found out it was just a prank, how would you react?

Ichiban attempts to find out with its all-in-one police prank app; its primary function is its police car siren simulator producing siren lights and sound effects.

It’s a fun way to trick your buddies into thinking a police car is pulling them over. So next time you’re in the car with a friend play the sirens and enjoy their confused reactions.

The app has a multitude of siren sounds from different countries and even replicates ambulances and firetrucks. Aside from its siren simulator it also includes a fake stun gun, prank lie detector and police soundboard.

Additional Features:

  • 20 siren sounds emulating emergency and police vehicles globally.
  • Flashlight patterns can be customized in its settings.
  • Police soundboard contains various funny sound effects such as dog barks, explosions and famous lines that cops frequently say.
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