Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Pranking

Pranking is fun. If you have a lot of friends, I am sure that you have, in some way, been in the middle of some kind of prank wars. Poking fun at each other is just normal and honestly part of the friendship. Friendship is forged in the heat of making fun and taking the piss off of each other.

There are a lot of pranks that are ongoing around the world. It can be something as simple as a classic switcheroo of items or it can be as elaborate as a mind-boggling, anxiety-inducing prank that lasts months if not years. These pranks are one of the best as it will surely go down as one of the most unforgettable memories between your friends.

Pranking is wholesome fun and once you prank someone, you should be ready for a stronger comeback. Speaking from experience, it is actually harder not to retaliate and enact revenge after a prank has been done on you than it is to create a more elaborate prank.

With the invention of new technology, there are now much more creative ways to prank your friends. You now have hundreds, if not thousands, of tools that you can enlist to assist you in making your victim’s life hell.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most recent inventions that have the most promise. It has revolutionized countless industries around the world, making millions of lives easier and much more convenient. Artificial Intelligence or AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, mostly computers. These processes include but are not limited to learning, reasoning, and self-correction. In other words, they have the capability to not only learn but also improve themselves to a better version. Speech recognition and machine vision are just some popular applications of Artificial Intelligence that are in our daily lives.

Artificial Intelligence has been the subject of numerous science fiction stories. Because of its near human intelligence, it has been theorized that it may surpass humanity. Void of human limitations, it is a high possibility. Since its invention, AI has helped countless industries prosper — the smartphones being one of the most that benefited from it.

However, until the time that it does surpass humanity, AI is still dependent on what we program it to do. Perhaps, one of the most underestimated things that AI can do is to prank people. Through the ingenuity of programmers and their humour, there are now multiple AI programs and softwares whose main purpose is to prank people.

It may be hard to believe at first but truly the future of pranking is AI. Here are some examples of AI programs that you can use to take the mickey out of your friends.

Voice Generator

Voice Generators are a thing of beauty. Instead of doing the talking yourself, you can just choose what you want your victim to hear. The software will allow you to choose the most appropriate voice tone for it. For example, if you’re going to do a prank call of an angry man, you can definitely use a deep voice to make it more believable. Often, prank calls do not work as you intended because your voice gives you away. With a voice generator, you can stop the chances of that happening.

Voice Changer

If you want to do the pranking yourself, there is still a Voice Changer software. Voice changers allow you to record the messages yourself and then mess with your voice afterwards. You can add in multiple sound effects that will make your prank more believable.

With these two softwares, it wouldn’t be long before pranking becomes as easy as pressing a button. I am sure that there are now programmers whose main project is to develop a fully functioning AI that allows you to prank people with just one click. But for now, you can satisfy your bloodlust for pranks with Ownage Pranks and their multiple Prank videos and Prank Apps.

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