Power Supply of Cisco Catalyst 3750X Gigabit POE Switches

Cisco Catalyst 3750X 48 Port PoE Switch

Cisco EnergyWise is an advanced architecture, which is added to the Cisco Catalyst 3750X 48 port PoE switches for promoting company wide sustainability by minimizing energy consumption. This new technology by Cisco enables companies to measure the power consumption of network-attached devices and network infrastructure and to manage power consumption with specific policies, minimizing power consumption to realize the utmost cost savings. Cisco EnergyWise encompasses an utmost intelligent network-based approach to communicate messages, which control and measure energy between endpoints and devices.

The network ascertains Energy Wise manageable devices, monitors their power consumption and takes action based on the business rules to minimize power consumption. Energy Wise architecture in Cisco Catalyst 3750X switches uses an innovative domain-naming system to summarize and query information from extensive sets of devices, making it simpler than the traditional network management capabilities. The management interface of Cisco EnergyWise allows network management applications and facilities to communicate with endpoints and with each other using the network as a uniting fabric.

The advanced Cisco EnergyWise architecture in Cisco 3750X helps to extend the network as a platform for the power control plane for managing, gathering, and reducing power consumption of all devices. This in result provides companywide optimized power delivery and reduced energy costs.

Cisco Stack Power

Cisco Stack Power is an inventive feature of the Cisco 3750X Gigabit POE switch, which includes a software and hardware component that interact to provide a single power tool to the users for uninterrupted connectivity.

Support of Standard POE: A Graceful Addition of IP Communications

The Cisco Catalyst 3750G and 3750 POE models have the support of the Cisco IEEE 802.3af0 compliant end device. Both these switches by Cisco support 24 simultaneous full-powered POE ports at 15.4W for maximum powered device support. The 48-port version can effortlessly deliver the necessary power to support 24 ports at 15.4W, 48 ports at 7.7W, or any other combination in between these numbers of ports.

Adding New Members

When the switching stack of Cisco Catalyst 3750X has established a master, then any switch added afterward automatically becomes a subordinate. All the current addressing and routing information is proficiently downloaded in the subordinate so that it can instantly begin transmitting traffic. Its ports become identified with the master switch IP address. The global information such as the QoS configuration setting is downloaded into the new subordinate member for user convenience.

Upgradation of Cisco Catalyst 3750X POE to Full POE

A POE switch comes with a power supply of 715W and the full POE requires a power supply of 739.2W. The 48-port switch reserves 223W from the power budget before the boot-up of Cisco IOS Software. It means that the total power supply requirement is:

  • 739.2W 15.4W times 48-ports Full POE
  • 223W Switch Reserve
  • 30W stack power overhead global reserve
  • 39.96W (5% of POE) POE Loss
  • 1029.16W in total requirement

Final Thought

To wrap this discussion I would suggest buying Cisco Catalyst 3750X Gigabit POE switches for your network needs. It will help you give an energy-efficient supply of internet connectivity proficiently.

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