Should You Buy Followers on Instagram During the COVID-19 Phase? Things to Keep in Mind

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Has your business got adversely affected after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak? If yes, then you are not the only one. The world economy is still recovering from the initial shock it got from continuous lockdowns and social distancing. That aside, the global supply chain got disrupted, which created a massive gap in demand and supply. It is not surprising that brands have lost ample business opportunities, revenues, employees, and profits in the past few months. Even though companies are currently operational, it will take some time for everything to get back to normal. Businesses need to carry on with their existing operations and market their brand online on Instagram.

Why should you buy followers on Instagram?

Over the years, Instagram has proven to be a useful social media channel with its new features and customer reach. Brands need to ensure that their business stays afloat now and that their followers increase gradually. Since customers are not able to buy products and opt-in for services they used to before, they sometimes unfollow specific brands. While you can’t stop a person from unfollowing you, it is possible to add new followers in your business Instagram profile using a few steps.

The other option is to buy followers on Instagram. It will help you to get the required brand exposure. Today, some companies will help you purchase the number of followers you want, depending on your business requirements, and get more Instagram views.

Things to keep in mind

According to economists, the after-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak will neutralize by 2021 to 2022. But that doesn’t mean companies will stay put and not plan their brand development and growth strategies. Currently, the world has to endure partial lockdowns and social distancing norms. And that doesn’t allow the economy to function in its full capacity. Hence, brands need to find ways to stay functional and showcase a stable business form to its customers. Purchasing followers will let customers know that a company is active and that it is doing business. It makes people get interested in the brand. However, when you purchase Instagram followers during this pandemic outbreak, you need to keep a few points in mind:

1. Decide on the number of followers you need

Do not purchase followers based on assumptions. That way, you will spend more than required. It is essential to hold on to your savings right now so that you can survive the crisis period.

2. Increase your followers in small counts

It’s not wise to increase your follower at one go by adding a vast number. Your audience will not take it well if they see that your follower count increased by 100 within one week or 500 within a month. Marketing activities are slow during this time. So, if your follower count rises abnormally, it will appear questionable to the audience. Make sure to purchase a small number of followers, which will look credible and organic, keeping in mind the current situation.

3. Always do thorough research

It would be best if you researched thoroughly before you opt-in for a service provider to purchase Instagram followers. Many companies don’t match up to the claim. So, you need to research online and read customer feedback reviews. Also, compare the price to arrive at an informed decision.

4. Keep your Instagram marketing steady

Usually, followers on the Instagram increase when there’s some activity in your business profile! If you have zero Instagram updates and posts, and the audience finds that your follower and likes count is increasing, that is a red flag. Carrying out the regular Instagram activities will work, such as:

  • Making informative posts – Regular and consistent updates on Instagram about your brand and how you are surviving during this period will help the customers to know more about your brand. You can share posts about your products and services as well. Take time to address the customer pain points by making a video post or using the IGTV feature. It will keep your audience interested in you and also add to the brand recall value.

  • Make image posts – People look up to Instagram for striking pictures and inspiring quotes. You can share the high-end product photoshoot pictures or event pictures as well. That aside, you can also add inspirational quotes from your senior management to help people feel motivated and encouraged in life.

  • Use Instagram story – Add an element of excitement in your Instagram profile by using the Instagram story option. It will help you to announce an online sale or a live session within a prominent company spokesperson.

When your customers and other online users see that your Instagram has relevant and useful content, they might refer your profile to others and follow it as well, respectively. And if you purchase followers, the addition will seem natural. Keep the pointers mentioned above in mind to make the correct decision.

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