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Best Logitech Mouse – Wireless Trackball M570

Logitech gets my vote when it comes to choosing the best mouse. We’ve been using optical and wireless mouses till now, but now a fine product from logitech has emerged with an advanced 2.4GHz wireless ergonomics that uses an adjustable laser sensor trackball which ...Read More

Standard Input Devices are Keyboard and Mouse

Computer system consists of first input devices providing input data, next processing device that processes input raw data into meaning full information and then there are output devices like monitor and printer that give the output. Standard input devices for computers are none other ...Read More

Dvorak Keyboard for Maximum Typing Efficiency

The Dvorak keyboard was initially designed with an aim of maximizing typing efficiency. The Dvorak keyboard got its name after its inventor Dr. August Dvorak. This keyboard was designed in1930s by August Dvorak, a professor of education and his brother-in law William Dealy. Unlike ...Read More