How to Clean a Mousepad – The Instant Methods

Have you ever faced the bad experience while moving the cursor of the mouse? Yes, the reason behind this irritation is your mousepad. No doubt that mouse pad is the basic component of the computer through which you can perform several functions, it also improves the functionality, mobility and control of the computer.

A mousepad or computer pad is essential for every computer user around the world. There are a huge variety of mousepads including different colours, shapes, and dimensions. This computer pad is usually made up of spongy foam which is covered with a knit fabric or a plastic top.

When you are using mousepad regularly, then this essential component absorbing your blood, sweat, and tears, yes, often your mousepad is badly beaten with the oils, dirt and greases from the palm of your hand. So, how to clean a mousepad? No doubt, when mousepad becomes dirty, then many people often throw it away instead of performing cleaning task. Well, keep reading to know about the best ways of cleaning mouse pad. According to, if you know the cleaning methods then, you can easily wash or clean mousepad within no time.

Mousepad or Mouse Pad

How to Clean Mouse Pad – Ultra Quick Method:

Maybe you familiar with this ultra quick method of cleaning mouse pad through which you can easily unfold the question of how to clean mouse pad.

Yes, to fulfil the ultra quick method you need a baby wipe, a wet sponge, or a damp cloth, these things help to wipe your mousepad down. If your mousepad isn’t too dirty, then this method does the trick, you can follow this method regularly, and it will work for anime mouse pads, padded mouse pad or any pads.

If you are looking for a quick method to clean your mousepad, use a baby wipe (if you have them), a wet sponge, or a damp cloth to wipe your mousepad down. If your mousepad isn’t stained or no massive dirt, this method does the trick.

How to Clean a Mousepad – The Best Cleaning Hacks:

Yes, through this cleaning method you can easily clean your mousepad with little bit efforts. So, what you need to do – Get ready!

  • First of all, you need to fill the sink or bath with warm water
  • Once done, then add a small amount of hand or dish soap into warm water
  • Toss your mousepad in the soapy water
  • Take a sponge and begin with rubbing the surface of mousepad gently
  • If some stains are stubborn and harder to remove, then you ought to apply a bit more pressure to get rid of these stains
  • After that, rinse both sides of mousepad nicely, and make sure that there is no soap left
  • Then, you ought to pat the mousepad dry
  • Finally, you can air dry once, and you also use an air blower to dry it – if you want to get optimal results then you ought to wait for at least one to two days before use.

That’s it! Surprisingly, you come to know the simple and tremendous way to restore the glorious look of your mousepad. Well – here you also come to know how to wash a mousepad, the below method is tested, and it works great to get rid of stains, dirt or debris.

How to Wash a Mousepad – The Ultimate Guide:

Yes – you can wash your mousepads in the washing machine, too. Get ready to get rid of stubborn stains within no time and get effective results.

  • Take a mousepad and toss it into the washing machine
  • Take a small amount of soap or clothing detergent and add into it
  • The most important thing is that don’t use hot water, you ought to set to cold, low tumble (if you use hot water it damages the surface of mousepad badly)
  • Once done, get mousepad out and rinse well
  • Then, air dries one or use a hair dryer, and if you want to get optimal results, then you should wait approximately for 24 to 36 hours before use.

Luckily – you unfold the question of how to wash a mousepad. You can adopt whichever method you prefer. Both above methods are tested and helps you to clean a mousepad instantly.

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