Computer Mouse Sad Love Story

I really love Computer without a doubt. Once upon a time, if I was not there he felt as if he was left alone and in fact it was I who simplified the use of computers and also increased the attraction of computers, but now he’s behaving such that there is no necessity of mine. In the future with touchscreen technology which lets you easily navigate computers, I may not be required at all. Whatever it may be, the distance between us is bothering me, why because the friendship with him is long lasting. I Love Computer Mouse I think in 1913 a name was introduced for my sake. Charles Babbage is considered its Father, he is none other than my lover named Computer. My birth is a little late! I waited until I was made a friend of his. At the last due to the greatness of Douglas Engelbart I had a friendship with him. People started calling me as Mouse lovingly which I can still remember. I think it was in early 1960s Doug Engelbart and Bill English while in search of efficient ways to interact with the computer screen besides a keyboard created the first mouse and from then on, made me as a computer pointing device and our love journey started.
When he ran into as laptop computer I became slim mini mouse for him. The round trackball was like a heart to me, but to catch my lover Computer’s speed, straightaway having surgery, I got changed the round heart of mine as laser, but I could not convey my love with a laser. After this, time has shown rivalry towards me and since then I could not bear my one side love because I think in 1991, imposing restraint in the name of optical mouse people separated me from him. I used to sit in a corner and cry over losing touch with him. I took care that due to me he never gets a problem. I felt that I was blessed like this only. It stands thus, my love story turned into a sad twist. I never expected that a name heard in 1960s would turn as a villain to my love and that is touchscreen. At present, touchscreen has been coming into all computers and questioning my identity. All are behaving as if there is no necessity of a computer mouse. Who once stood as witnesses to our love are staring at me as unknown device. I think times have prevailed like this, but my love towards computer is permanent, till the history remains.
I Really Love Computer Mouse Without a Doubt
Friends, what I’ve said from this love story of computer mouse do you know? Without taking easily that love is only for time pass and temporary gratification, I hope the fact that ‘True Love Lasts Forever‘ will be noticed by you. My best wishes to all lovers!

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