5 PC Games That Are Made So Much Better With a Gaming Keyboard

With an average computer keyboard containing 101 keys; it’s safe to say navigating your way around one can become a bit overwhelming from time to time. This is worsened ten-fold if you’re a gamer, on the final level of your quest and only the correct combination of key strokes can guarantee a win. Mashing four keys at once in hopes of executing the required sequence rarely works out and ultimately results in needing to start over once again.

If this happens to you all too often, it may be time to consider purchasing a gaming keyboard to help shortcut moves and enhance your gaming experience. Check out the range of gaming keyboards and accessories from Harvey Norman Australia.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboard

World of Warcraft is a game known for its intricacy and complexity as well as its devoted fan-base. With action bars and resources corresponding with varying keys, a gaming keyboard can simplify common moves to allow for smoother gameplay. The Logitech Orion Spectrum provides a sturdy and responsive keyboard with a mode to disable the windows key while providing buttons to control your music so you never have to switch out of your game. Possibly the most useful feature for this game would be the customisable macro keys on the function buttons to help shortcut commonly used or complicated moves.

Dead Cells also includes a running story with connected levels and a progressively expanding map which invites your exploration side to come out. Numerous weapons, spells and the unique gameplay offered matches well with a gaming keyboard. Anti-ghosting elements on selected Lenovo gaming keyboards ensure that when a combination of keys are pressed, they are all recognised by your computer so that you can complete complex moves with ease each time.

Shovel Knight brings back the sentimental memories of Super Smash Mario Bros. with its two dimensional, side scrolling arrangement. This classic adventure game includes impressive characters and uncomplicated controls. While you may not see the need for a gaming keyboard in this case, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 Gaming Keyboard can make a significant difference in improving gameplay. It harbours the ability for speedy actuation while maintaining a quiet feedback and with an anti-ghosting capability you’re ensured of minimal delay from your keystrokes.

Inspired by the Ninja Gaiden series, The Messenger is also a side-scrolling platformer game which was released in August of 2018. With a fairly straightforward start, the game quickly progresses with the addition of new character skills, health upgrades and extra attack moves. The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 Gaming Keyboard conceals mic and headphone jacks so that you can listen to the game’ sound effects or your own music during extended gameplay. Additionally, with up to 16.8 million adjustable backlighting possibilities, you can set up your keyboard to your favourite aesthetic and control its brightness when in a dark environment.

Finally, League of Legends is a third-person multiplayer virtual combat arena. Teamwork is required for each player’s ‘Champion’ to reach a victory. Reward systems are used to reveal bonus content and player abilities and with each battle lasting 20-60 minutes, you may be interested in selected Lenovo gaming keyboards that feature a removable wrist rest to prevent strains.

Gaming can be a long and deeply engaging hobby. With difficulty levels increasing as games become more popular, ensuring that your gaming set up has all the right accessories is important. Get yourself a gaming keyboard today and change your gaming experience for the better.

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