Epson EH-R2000 and EH-R4000 – Full HD Home Cinema Projectors with 3LCD Reflective Panel Technology

Epson Home Cinema Projectors EH-R2000 and EH-R4000

Epson, worldwide leader in energy-saving, high-precision technologies that include products ranging from printers and 3LCD projectors for business and home, to electronic and crystal devices, has recently set a new standard in home cinema with the launch of its new home cinema projectors which use new 3LCD Reflective Technology to deliver premium cinematic experience.

This new innovative technology developed by Epson is implemented in its top-of-the-range projectors starting with EH-R4000 and EH-R2000, bringing significant advances in contrast ratio and picture quality.

Epson Home Cinema Projectors EH-R4000 and EH-R2000

Launched at IFA in Berlin, both EH-R4000 and EH-R2000 come under ultra-high-quality, full HD projectors designed for discerning home cinema enthusiasts and promises to offer an enhanced immersive cinematic experience with the use of new Epson 3LCD Reflective Panel Technology.
The key features of the EH-R4000 and EH-R2000 include:

  • Sleek and elegant symmetrical design that blends seamlessly into any room.
  • Ultra-high-quality picture with high dynamic contrast ratio; 1,000,000:1 (EH-R4000) & 500,000:1 (EH-R2000) that produces deeper blacks and brighter whites while giving richness to the colors, making them lush and lifelike across the spectrum for the ultimate viewing experience.
  • Motorized zoom and centrally placed lens with the widest shift range in its class that make for a neat, yet easy installation.
  • Stunning clarity with 1,200 lumen and an equally high white and Colour Light Output (CLO)
  • Enhanced picture detailing made possible with Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processors that delivers the best Full HD images available, so that every detail is perfectly resolved, even in dark scenes.
  • Picture enhancing features like ‘frame interpolation’ for smooth motion and fluid action sequences, super-resolution for increase in the quality of standard definition sources, such as DVDs.
  • Remotely control other equipment such as Blu-ray player over a network
  • 5 colour modes to suit all environments and applications

Alexandre Di Caro, product manager for home cinema projectors at Epson Europe, says:

We are setting a new benchmark for outstanding picture quality as, not only do we offer huge contrast ratios and exceptional colour; we have also improved other areas demanded by customers including the new, slick product design. In addition, we offer enhanced usability with features such as the lens position memory, so images with different ratios can be enjoyed on a 2.40:1 aspect screen for a true cinema-scope experience.

Aimed at newcomers to the home cinema market, Epson have also announced the EH-TW3600 and EH-TW3200, two new high-quality, great value projectors, perfect for first time buyers interested in gaming, sports and home cinema.

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