Easily Print in Anywhere with Stick POP Portable Printer

Although we are living in a digital era, we can’t ignore the necessity to print some of our very important documents and at times, when we face an urgent situation to print a document, it may be hard to find a place for printing in that circumstance. This is where Stick POP portable printer has lot to offer as it will allow you to do small amount of printing anywhere easily.

small amount of printing can be done  anywhere easily with StickPop portable printer
STICKPOP – Easily Print in Anywhere

StickPop comes with a OLED display interface that is free of surrounding environments such as water and dust and can show the exact measurements in any situations.

LED Display Interface of StickPop portable printer
LED Interface

The Slot-type cartridges of STICKPOP can be exchanged without any difficulty and it also provides a USB port to connect with USB and other exterior devices and print your important documents.

               Slot-type cartridges   |   Use of USB memory

How-To Use STICKPOP Portable Printer

1. Turn ON the printer and wait until it gets Ready…

Turn ON the printer

2. Connect USB or any other exterior device consisting of your documents to be printed.

connect USB memory

3. Insert paper and print the documents out.

Print the documents
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