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Blog2Print is the SharedBook’s blog printing platform that can turn your blog into a professionally-published soft cover or hard cover book.


With Blog2Print you can create customized and personalized books easily with just a few clicks of your mouse and display them as flipbooks on the Web, download as PDFs, or get professionally printed involving high-end, digital printers from Xerox, Kodak, and HP.

To Create Your Blog Book

  • First select the number of posts and photos to be included in your book
  • Select the order of posts – Oldest First (chronological) or Newest First (reverse chronological)
  • Include or Remove submitted comments in the book
  • Choose any one of 13 different cover designs and include your personalized front cover image (optional)
  • Write your own introduction text in 350 characters or less. If you can’t find the right works you can always select any one of the three Popular Selections

then preview and you’re done to ‘Create Your Blog Book With Blog2Print’.

Blog2Print also provides you the feature to share your book with friends and family. They will receive an email including a link to view your creation which they can personalize and order their own copy.

Prices start at $14.95 for softcover and $24.95 for Hardcover that includes 20-pages. You can add extra pages for as low as 35 cents per page. And as part of the newly introduced offering, you can get a PDF of your Blog Book for only $7.95.

So, are you interested to Create Your own Blog Book ??
It’s quite simple @ Blog2Print
Just Give It A Try!

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