New 3LCD Reflective Technology Unveiled by Epson @ IFA Berlin 2010


Epson, worldwide leader in the projector market, has developed the new 3LCD Reflective Panel Technology to implement in its top-of-the-range projectors with benefits that include huge contrast ratios, high picture quality and premium cinematic experience.

Epson 3LCD Reflective Panels in combination with Epson’s new auto-iris are capable of giving highs of up to 1,000,000:1 in dynamic contrast ratio that helps in achieving high contrast in dark scenes. This innovative 3LCD Reflective Technology used in latest home cinema projectors like EH-R4000 and EH-R2000 is faster, smoother and quieter than ever before and, together with the precise alignment of the inorganic layer in the liquid crystal panel, it efficiently transfers the exact amount of light required, creating deep and silky blacks.

The C2 Fine Technology is the secret behind 3LCD Reflective panels that enables high contrast ratios all the time. The scattering of light is controlled by making the reflective layer almost perfectly flat with the help of Epson’s unique planarization technology which in-turn reduces light leakage, so that the rays follow a straighter path for high contrast across a greater percentage of the panel’s surface area boosting light efficiency and brightness yet reducing power consumption. Energy efficiency is further increased using thinner panels and Epson’s exclusive Etorl lamps.

Epson 3LCD Reflective Panel Technology includes other important benefits such as:

  • Thinner and shorter cell gap that gives a quicker response time tremendously reducing motion blur, which fans of sports will appreciate.
  • Considerable reduction in the ‘screen door’ effect made possible by increasing aperture ratio between pixels.
  • More compact optical engine that allows easy positioning on a small shelf or restricted ceiling mount.
  • Rich and vivid colored images made possible and brought to life as if they happened really.
  • Smoother gradation and wider tonality providing wide colour gamut in the dark end of the gamma palette that enables end users to benefit from a clear picture and lack of dither noise, even during the darkest scenes.

Epson EH-R4000, EH-R2000, EH-TW3600 and EH-TW3200 are some of the recently launched ultra-high-quality, Full HD Home Cinema Projectors that feature this all new 3LCD Reflective Panel Technology unveiled by Epson @ IFA Berlin 2010.

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