Make Short URL for Your Google+ Profile

Google+ is the latest buzz online and critics put aside, this new social networking platform may not be a Facebook killer but it surely boasts some interesting and commendable features not available or not so popular on Facebook.

Google Plus

For instance, lists on Facebook are clunky and ineffective whereas Circles in Google+ perfectly serve their purpose in sharing user specific posts and thus they make it possible for the user to target their messages to specific audience.

Also the G+ real-time comment sections and hangouts with translation are pretty great and instant hit.

Make Short URL for Your Google+ Profile 1

But the most awaited and suggested feature for this beta version of the Google+ is unique vanity URL, which the Google+ team may implement soon. But for now, we shall use service to shorten user profile address. Developed by Sirzat Aytac and designed by Hasan Yalcin, is completely free of charge and all you have to do to get a shortened URL for individual Google+ account is, choose a nickname and add your Google+ profile id number. That’s it!!

Make Short URL for Your Google+ Profile 2

And coming back to awesome Google+ comment and hangouts features, According to Gina Trapani @Expert Labs,

Engagement on G+ has been extremely high compared to Twitter and Facebook, measuring solely by number of replies to posts. Promising!

And Joseph Smarr – Engineer at Google says:

Hangouts really work as advertised! Just saw +Charlie Cheever was hanging out, hadn’t talked to him in ages, and I wouldn’t have ever bugged him out of the blue, but I saw he was available, so I jumped in and we had a great chat. It was a mix of video and text chat, and it was all so seamless. This really is going to change how people keep in touch!

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