TinyPaste Can Defy Limits of Microblogging

TinyPaste is a service that is obviously built with micro-blogging sites like Twitter in mind that lets you take large amounts of text and put it all in one place, and then convert it to a tiny url to share with your friends. This would be a better solution for the regular 140 character limit on twitter. tinypaste
Similar to TinyURL which is a URL shortening services, TinyPaste produces a short address that you can enter into microblogging and IM services. But instead of directing users to a regular webpage, a TinyPaste’s URL sends its clickers to a simple page displaying the poster’s message.

This is the best choice for those who don’t maintain blogs because for bloggers it a common practice to adopt Twitter as a marketing tool that drives traffic back to their sites.

TinyPaste also features a Firefox plugin which helps you get the tinypaste URL as soon as you have you right clicked on any selected text and choose “Tinypaste selected text” option.

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