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If we have smartphone in hand chatting, posting and tweeting are common activities. But we can also make it as a spiritual guru to get a life of enhanced positivity, love, joy and peace. We can hear spiritual discourses and also browse temples for worshipping God. One may ask how it is possible but whatever may be the smartphone model, suitable Android Apps are readily available for free install which can convert the touchscreen as spiritual arena. Here are some popular android apps on Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha


If we want to perform GANESH POOJA to avoid hindrances in business, education we can change the smartphone as Pooja room with GANESH POOJA app. If we don’t know the procedure of Puja, our mobile will give instructions on everything needed for doing GANESH POOJA properly. We have the select the Puja menu wise and it gives the details of Puja material and recites mantras with audios.

Ganesh Bhajans App

At the time of Ganesh Puja, Bhajans are required and there is an android app for that readily available named ‘Ganesh Bhajans’ developed by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Ganesh Bhajans Android App screenshot

Using Ganesh Bhajans Android App, most popular and attractive Bhajans to entice devotees can be heard. We can also get Ganapati wallpapers to adore the Home Screen.

3D Lord Ganesha Atharvshirsha Book with Audio

Ganpati Atharvshirsha Audio

Ganapati Atharvashirsa is an ancient Vedic prayer on Lord Ganesha. With this app everyday we can hear the Lord Ganesha Atharvshirsha Audio with devotion. We can also obtain lyrics in English and Sanskrit.

Ganesha HD Live Wallpaper

To decorate your home screen with Ganesha wallpapers, there is Ganesha HD Live Wallpaper Android App on Google Play.

Ganesha HD Live Wallpaper

We can make the changing of wallpaper automatically at the particular time and can put nice flowers falling effect on the images.

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