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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – Tab your way to technology

Nokia Corporation brings to you the latest phone in their XpressMusic Series, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Touch Phone. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is the 5th edition device in the S60 platform of Nokia which comes with an amazing touch display screen and innovative features. The ...Read More

Pure Indulgence @ Vertu Pure Collection

Some gadgets are not meant to make sense. We buy them just to indulge the ego full of lust which gets on stuff that’s different and expensive. But that’s not the case with this helluva looker Luxury mobile maker VERTU that adds one more ...Read More

The Power of Simplicity in Text Messaging @ VersaPad

Are you sick and tired of using the alphanumeric phone keypad that requires repetitive tapping of a specific key to enter single alphabet? Are you frustrated and prone to error while text messaging using linguistic software like T9 or Ezitext which increases the complexity ...Read More

Nokia Launches E71 and E66

Nokia has introduced the latest in their E-series range – the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66. Both E71 and E66 support the Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email solution as well as third party email solutions like System Seven and Visto Mobile. Both devices come with ...Read More

Samsung GT-B2700 Can Resist Dust and Water

Samsung has launching the GT-B2700, a new candybar phone certified to be resistant to water and dust. The B2700 is actually a significant upgrade to the rugged Samsung M110.According to Mobil Czech, Samsung’s strategy is to launch phones in a market that has been ...Read More