Are you stuck with a certain problem on your Instagram account and have no idea how to handle it? Here are some important Instagram hacks and tricks you can begin exploring

We all need help from time to time, and you may also require some help when you are struggling to find some Instagram hacks and tricks. For instance, you are faced with a bio that is longer than what you initially thought it would be, like zooming in when recording Instagram stories, responding faster to your Instagram comments at faster rates when they are coming in fast. In case you feel stuck or have tried to search up but are not getting the results you want, here are some important Instagram hacks you should know.Man cupping his hand behind his ear to hear better some important Instagram hacks and tricks

Instagram Hacks for Bio

If you want to make your bio look cool, consider:

Adding line breaks

This may be a minor thing, but it actually makes your bio look unique and stylish. It may be frustrating because Instagram can remove your line breaks, but you can navigate it by using note apps on your phone. When you write your sample bio in these apps and edit it how you want, you copy the text and paste it in your bio field.

Taking advantage of entering searchable names from the Explore page

In case you did not know it, the Name field is actually searchable within Instagram. That also gives you a brilliant idea – enter a name that is popular in Instagram highlights in your bio, and it should describe what your brand is about or what your business stands for.

When you include popular or important keywords within your name, you have higher chances of appearing within searches if someone else searches for these keywords. That means you will have a higher reach, and your account can get daily auto followers for Instagram. The advantage of this is that it is very easy, and it is very effective at the same time.

Put links to hashtags or other accounts in your bio

# Instagram Hashtags @Instagram account One of the advantages of the Instagram algorithm is that the importance of hashtags is never underestimated – in fact, these are very important in raising the exposure you get, as long as you use them properly.

Take advantage of this by including important hashtags within your bio, or you can put important profiles that relate to what you do (just put @ then the name of the account or word). This will gain you additional exposure, as people searching for these keywords or accounts will see your account included in them.

An instance of this that may be helpful is if you are running a campaign for advertising or a branded venture, and you need to raise awareness to your business because you are taking part in it.

Getting the correct alignment

Aside from the methods mentioned above, the correct spacing and alignment can make a major difference. You may need to do some trial and error, but it can make your bio interesting and stand out easily from the crowd. The bio only has 150 characters at the maximum, so make it count.

Adding some special characters to your caption or name

Instagram Profile Special characters that make your profile look instantly interesting include pencils, stars and the moon, and some people have added it to their bios. However, how do they do it? The answer is simple though – editing the bio in Microsoft Word through the ‘Advanced symbols’ menu.

If you want to make interesting captions for your posts, consider:

Putting line breaks

Captions are very important in making your post gain exposure, so it is important to use them well and construct them properly. However, you try to insert line breaks, but find out Instagram is removing them every time, and it begins to annoy you. The secret is using certain apps that can help you, aside from methods such as Microsoft Word.

Hiding hashtags in your caption

We all know the importance of hashtags in increasing the engagement levels your posts get. The platform will allow you to put a maximum of 30 hashtags for each post, but they can make your post look very untidy if you bunch them up next to each other. The solution to this is very simple though, more than you think.

You can put some of the hashtags within the first few lines of the post, especially if it is long – you can even use certain applications that help you space them out properly. As for the remaining hashtags, if there are any, you can then move them to the end of the caption and make sure they are hidden. Once you post the picture or video, it will only show the first few lines of your caption that contains the first hashtags, then the rest will be hidden.

How to improve your engagement on your Instastories

Include hashtags

Instagram Hashtags For Instagram stories, you can put a maximum of ten hashtags. Again, this goes to show the importance of Instagram hashtags, because they still give your content the exposure you want – especially to newer audiences that do not follow you in the first place.

In addition to geotags, they can help your Instagram stories appear in the explore page. They are both underutilized in terms of their usage, so take a chance, experiment with them, and watch your audiences grow.

It is important to note that you should not clutter the story with non-relevant hashtags though – you do not want to seem like you are trying too hard and start being annoying. If you want, you can reduce the size of text of the hashtags, and make them smaller or bigger and more noticeable.

Share Instagram posts from other users in your story

Share Instagram posts This is another underutilized tactic, but can gain you exposure to the other person’s followers. If you pick out a post by someone else that you love, go ahead and share it with your followers.

Final thoughts

There are certain Instagram hacks and tricks that you may not have thought possible on the platform, but these and many others can help you maximize your Instagram account and grow it as much as possible.

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