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Why Microsoft Word is Used?

Getting back to history, before the advent of computers and software applications, typewriters are used to prepare official text materials. But these typewriters lacked many features and the following can be attributed as major disadvantages of preparing text materials using a typewriter: Corrections cannot ...Read More

Brief Overview of Microsoft Word Format Menu Options

Font This option is used to set font type, style, size, color, underline style, underline color, effects, character spacing and animation text effects. Paragraph This option is used to set the paragraph alignment and indentation of the paragraph. We can increase or decrease the ...Read More

Brief Overview of Tools Menu Options in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Tools Menu Spelling & Grammar This option is used to correct spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes if any in out document. Language Thesaurus When this option is selected it displays thesaurus dialog box (or dialogue box) which displays a particular word meaning ...Read More