Brief Overview of Tools Menu Options in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Tools Menu

  • Spelling & Grammar

    This option is used to correct spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes if any in out document.

  • Language Thesaurus

    When this option is selected it displays thesaurus dialog box (or dialogue box) which displays a particular word meaning and its synonyms. We can change that word with another word of our choice from the list of synonyms.

  • Word Count

    It displays the statistical report of a document. That is number of pages, number of paragraphs, number of words, number of characters and so on.

  • Auto Summarize

    This option is used to highlight the key points in our document. We can increase or decrease the percentage of the summary. Type of summary include:
    –> Highlight Key points.
    –> Insert an executive summary or abstract at the top of the document.
    –> Create a new document and put the summary there.
    –> Hide everything but the summary without leaving the original document.

  • Auto Correct

    This option is used to correct two initial capitals, capitalize the first letter of sentence, capitalize names of days, correct the accidental use of caps lock key and replace text as you type. It converts strike codes with smart codes, ordinals with super script, fractions with fraction characters and so on.

  • Track Changes

    This option is used to highlight the changes while editing. We can accept or reject the changes.

  • Protect Document

    This option is used to protect track changes or comments or entire form. Any user cannot modify or insert or correct any data until you unprotected the document.

  • Mail Merge

    This option is used to merge two documents like main document and data source and it will give the result in a new document.

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