Using BugMeNot Bypass Compulsory Registration For Websites

While browsing the web you come across numerous sites that ask you to login or register just for using their service, which is a unnecessary process that can risk your original email ids of annoying spam. This is where BugMeNot has lot to offer.

BugMeNot – Bypass Compulsory Registration

BugMeNot is an internet service powered by users just like you, that can help you to easily bypass mandatory registration process by providing working login info for any site that force you to register.

All you have to do is to type in the URL of the website you wish to get login details into the box provided @ and press the “Get Logins” button.

Get Logins for sites @ BugMeNot

This will present you the list of users submitted Account Details that you can use to login. You can also vote whether the login details worked for you or not so that only working logins are shown on top.

username/password details for sites at BugMeNot

As all of the username/password accounts provided by BugMeNot are user submitted, and chances are that some login details don’t work for you in which case you can register with that site and submit the username/password details using the “Submit A New Account” form provided on BugMeNot.

Submit A New Account to BugMeNot

Beside this conventional method of visiting the BugMeNot website whenever you need some login info, the faster way of using BugMeNot is to use BugMeNot bookmarklet or the by adding BugMeNot Add-on that uses a context menu to automatically log in to web sites.

Automatically Log in to websites using BugMeNot Context Menu

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