The 25 Best Travel Apps [Infographic]

Nowadays, mobile apps play an important role in the entire travel planning process, from booking your flights to accommodation at a local hotel, finding what’s popular in the local area and even ensure you will not miss your time of departure. Whether you’re at the early stages of planning a family holiday or ready to get on the next possible flight, check travel fares for next summer or check into a villa 5 minutes from now, there’s a travel app for everything today.

Travel apps have become one of the best tools to use for travel. Whether you use them for researching accommodation, checking flights and make a booking, checking maps, hailing a cab, looking for somewhere good to eat, or simply working out when the next bus is going to arrive, it has become difficult to remember the days when you didn’t get a helping hand from this mobile app technology.

Travellers today have access to some of the best travel apps that can assist them to plan for a quick weekend getaway and vacation. To travel anywhere worldwide, all preparations can be done with just a few taps on the mobile screen sitting at the comfort of home with the help of travel apps.

Here are the best travel apps you should have, as recommended by villa specialist Oliver’s Travels and some of the world’s best travel bloggers. (Infographic)

The 25 Best Travel Apps (Infographic) -BOOKING YOUR TRIP: Skyscanner App is a great (and fun) tool to explore new countries. As long as you are flexible, Skyscanner app is an amazing way to plan your future adventures! Jack Flight Club App is ideal for those who are looking for an adventure but not entirely sure where or when. Hopper App algorithm predicts the best time to buy airfare and helps you save on your trip as a result. HotelTonight travel app can be used after you have landed in a new place, (yes, that last minute), but you can book up to 100 days in advance. GETTING AROUND: Once you have arrived at your destination, smartphone apps can be a great way to help you navigate your new surroundings, and sometimes in the quickest route possible. These apps from our trusted travel influencers can also  a monument, a key tourist attraction, a great meal in a local restaurant or even your time of departure. Uber App has been a saving grace for me while travelling, especially in countries where I am not sure about how safe local taxis are, or how much I should expect to pay for a trip. When it comes to navigating new places, Moovit app has constantly been a lifesaver for me when using public transport and sightseeing in a new location. While there are many gps&maps apps, Sygic appis the one that never failed us on the road. Even when we used Google Maps in Nicaragua, many dirt roads were not on the map which caused using public buses very confusing. Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, Maps.Me is the best travel app for getting around on holiday and finding new places. The app is free to download with detailed region or city maps available from all over the globe. When it comes to exploring a new destination, I have to be honest, my sense of direction is not the strongest. As a result, I tend to rely heavily on a travel app called WAZE. The best app for getting around on holiday, if you are in Europe, is GoEuro! They compare trains, buses and flights altogether to find the fastest and cheapest routes for you. Google Maps is always so convenient on foot and by car. Best of all, you can download your route and offline maps so that you are not using expensive data in a new country. Citymapper app combines real-time train departures, full offline maps and other transportation options like the car and even bike-sharing. If your an avid Inter-railer and like to travel between multiple cities or destinations when abroad, the Rome2Rio app makes it super easy to get between place to place. PREPARATION: There are a lot of tasks involved in planning a holiday, whether you are just starting to search for a new destination or getting ready to pack and catch your flight, you want to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Fortunately, with the prevalence of smartphones, there are now a number of apps available that can help you in every step of the way. TripCase allows you to organize all of your travel plans in one handy itinerary in the app. View airline maps and access helpful contact numbers. Jet Journal allows me to organize my travel plans, get new inspiration and save my ideas in one single place. I can publish posts, places or entire journals for everyone to see. FLIO app offers complete and extensive information on hundreds of airports all over the world-airport maps, food options, charging stations, and lounge reviews. RueBaRue app is fantastic in those moments where you have hurriedly booked your hotel and flight because you are dying to visit and explore a particular city but you just have not had the time to plan what to do when you get there. Triplt helps you organize all your travel plans in just one place but also all the info related to your upcoming trips as hotel and flight bookings are automatically pulled from your inbox to your Tripit account. Google Trips automatically pulls all my reservations for travel in one place and I can see all hotels, flights and any other booking I have in a chronological manner. Spotify is amazing for getting in the mood for a trip, or reminiscing once you are home! There is a great feature where you can listen to the most streamed songs in each country. FINDING PLACES: So you are ready to explore the new city, but you have absolutely no idea where to start. This is where your trusty smartphone comes in. There are all sorts of different apps, some use your device  GPS technology to help you find awesome spots around town, others give you tips, reviews, and recommendations from real people who have already been there. Check out some of the most popular apps for finding new places that can help you make the most of your holiday. Yelp has over 135 million restaurant and business reviews worldwide. Like many travellers, I rely heavily on online reviews at to make decisions on the best restaurants, shopping experience, Nightlife, Food, Entertainment and Things to Do. My favourite travel app to help me find new places is Instagram. It is a great way to discover new destinations as you browse the app passively. Spotted by Locals always reveals places the big guides miss! This is the best app for people who want to skip the tourist highlights and know where locals hang out in cities. FourSquare really helps with finding spots favoured by locals, be a gallery, coffee shop, or trendy bar. I also use the Pinterest app to help me research all of my trips including a new destination or things to do.
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