Things To Ponder Before Applying For JEE 2019

To become an engineer requires years of hard work and persistence, but the wait is well worth it. There is always something new to learn about because technology is always changing. This is the sole reason why an engineer is always at the helm of innovations and breakthroughs. Apart from this, an engineer is entitled to other benefits like career stability, growth and pay.

The gateway to engineering opens as soon as students complete their class 12 exams. To join the very best of institutions, they have to appear for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), which is held in two phases – JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Clearing JEE Main will grant students entry into NITs, IIITs and other central or state funded institutions.

JEE Advanced can be attempted only if the candidate clears JEE Main, and it grants them admission into the crème de la crème of engineering institutions – the IITs. But before you start preparations for JEE 2019, here are a few things to consider: IIT JEE 2019 - JEE Main and JEE Advanced

One of India’s Toughest Exams

Apart from UPSC, JEE Advanced is considered to be one of the toughest exams to crack. The sheer amount of information and its applications can be overwhelming if candidates doesn’t prepare well. Unlike JEE Main, the exam is focused on quality, whereas the latter was emphasized on speed and quantity.

Limited Number of Attempts

JEE Main can be attempted for a maximum of 3 times, and 2 times for JEE Advanced. This is done because of the immense competition as graduates from these institutions are guaranteed to land jobs with very fat paychecks. Also, the brand recognition that these institutions have are far superior to most other obscure engineering colleges.

In conclusion, these are some concerns students and aspirants must think about before investing their time and resources for a future in engineering. If you do choose to pursue engineering, visit BYJU’s website to get the best resources for this year’s JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2019. Alternatively, you can visit BYJU’s JEE YouTube Channel to visualize and understand your learning experience in a new way.

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