5 Paid iOS Apps You Should Buy for Your Travel

The lust and sensation of traveling are in your sights, and your dream location is surrounding you with its enchanting sounds and views. But if an application on your iPhone or iPad can make your journey all easy and slicker, you would definitely use it, right?

The best thing about an iPhone is that it is always in your pocket. A wise traveler will always use their iPhone to enhance their traveling experience, no matter where they are going. It can always make their traveling easier. It is just like packing all the right and light stuff in your backpack before heading out to your desired destination, in this case, you download all the apps that are going to improve your time on the road.

When it comes to iPhone, it has surely no match. With a good battery, user interface, graphics, camera and uniquely optimized applications, there is no second recommendation from our side for a smartphone to carry on your travels. It boasts an astral number of apps that are designed exclusively for it. These apps can make your iPhone a perfect traveling companion. With enhanced features, you can stay connected with the world anywhere and anytime.

Following are 5 top paid iOS Apps that you should buy for your travels. Although some of them can be downloaded for free, and even provide some features for free. There are certain features that are premium, which we will like you to get in order to enhance your traveling experience. With that stated, let’s start this list.

Mobile Passport: #1 Top Paid iOS App You Should Buy for Your Travel

Mobile Passport iOS App for Your Travel. BREEZE THROUGH CUSTOMS. This app is officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. When you cannot avail global entry, we recommend you to download Mobile Passport on your iOS device. This app is considered the next best thing of traveling and it can help you speed up your customs and other immigration and transition at the airport or border crossing. It provides a QR code, which can be scanned and all the details will be provided automatically to the concerned officials. This app is officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Sometimes, you can also get your own security lane, which is typically a much faster way than a conventional long queue. This app is free, although some features are premium. We suggest you download all paid features of Mobile Passport, as it will immensely help you through all the customs and other necessary formalities.


TripIt - All your travel plans, in one place

TripIt organizes all your travel plans in one place

This application is most suitable for frequent travelers. However, we recommend you to purchase it even if you are heading out for one time travel. TripIt is the best and quickest way to manage your trips, especially those that are planned at the last minute. From business class flights to least expensive economy bus seat, they offer every deal and package to their esteemed users.

You can also share all your trip data with them over an email, and in return, they will help you with a planned itinerary of your desired destination. You can easily access their app on multiple devices with a user login and a password. This app also offers you with latest maps, GPS, and places you don’t want to miss.

City Maps 2 Go Pro

City Maps 2 Go iOS App. Save Places. Plan Your Trips. We highly recommend this paid iOS traveling app, as this is a great travel companion for travel of every nature. Although you can also get it free, we suggest you get a paid version. It is best for people who are constantly traveling. However, we also recommend you to buy it if you’re going for a one time travel.

The paid version of City Maps 2 Go Pro offers you infinite access to any destination, while you can only avail a maximum of five destinations in the free version. This amazing app provides you with a complete offline map directory, which is great as sometimes you don’t have the luxury of internet connectivity on any iOS device.

This app also brings worldwide coverage, exploration, travel contents, traveling tips and references that can enhance your journey in the unknown. You can also customize your trips and get what you want instead of what they have placed for you.

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Pixter Scanner

When you are traveling to a place where language is a barrier to developing communication with the locals, Pixter Scanner is an App that will help you immensely in bridging that gap. This iOS app excerpts text from the images by using the optical character scanner.

This app will help you read all the road signs, along with the name of places in a different country. The app is highly rated and its interface is so friendly anyone can easily work it out. You can also interpret handwritten information into digital form. Check this app out before heading to a foreign country, as it will definitely get in handy.


By using this paid iOS application for your trip, you can manage everything. From booking your tickets to finding accommodation at multiple hotels in a city. You can pretty much manage every aspect of your trip by using WorldMate.

Their traveling plans and routes help you organize your transportation and accommodation. You can also download it when traveling for any other purpose apart from leisure or luxury. This app also offers accurate and up to date maps of cities, directions to your destination and every big and small update, all at one place. Its user interface is also designed to enhance user experience. There is also an over-abundance of other features as well.

The paid version offers you flight alerts, notifications, synchronization with other devices without ads and real-time flight status.

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