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To travel anywhere worldwide for tours or for the office work abroad all preparations can be done at our fingertips by sitting at the comfort of our home with the help of respective android apps readily available.


We all know about online hotel booking and booking tickets for trains & flights online. Now those web services are available in the form of apps for our android touchscreen mobiles and tablets. Immediately on installing these apps we can access and do the booking online.

For booking Indian train tickets, IRCTC online service can be installed on your android smartphone in the form of an app. Android users can obtain IRCTC App on Google Play for free.

TripAdvisor mobile app is freely available on Google Play using which we can not only book tickets for our flight journey but also there is a possibility to reserve hotel rooms.

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Also we can inquire in the TripAdvisor forums and get answers to our special travel questions so that we can come to an understanding about the places we going to visit.

Is hotel required? Get – Hotel Reservation app, to book hotel rooms knowing the available hotels worldwide.

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Nearly 1,54,000 hotels details in 200 countries can be obtained using this app and there’s also discount deals available.

There is also free app using which we can know the details of flights and hotels by entering the place we want to visit and book them online.

Along with hotels and rooms photos we can also browse the locations on the maps to find the best hotels nearby.

Expedia Hotels & Flights is another wonderful app in this category.

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Expedia allows us to save big on the booking of flights and hotel booking using coupon codes to be entered at checkout. With name of the airport, we can browse and see the flight’s arrival and departure timings.

Not only booking of flight tickets, but also to know the real-time status of flight arrival and departure info, there’s ‘FlightTrack Android App’.

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Flight details list can be viewed in the homepage and using the zoomable maps we can track flights and assess the distance to be covered. ‘Late arrivals’ can be viewed in Graphic.

After train tickets booking, checking the PNR status is common. To check the PNR status of train ticket booking through the mobile app, install PNR status and train info app. Along with the PNR status of our booking we can also check the seat availability, fare inquiry and arrivals & departures info.

To know the flight status with map tracking, we can use ‘FlightStats Traveler app‘.

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Save a flight and for status updates, we can set a button. This app also provides trip details saver, airport and airline info.

We can never forget any place we proposed to tour by installing ‘Wunderlist – To-do & Task List’ app.

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Using Wunderlist we can keep as a list all the things to remember and this important data can be stored online with Cloud Sync and it can be accessed at any place across all our android devices. We can remember deadlines for to-do & important tasks putting reminders.

Planning a Trip? Install ‘Tripit App‘ and total planning from the time of booking tickets to return home will be at your fingertips.

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The travel plans set earlier can be changed at anytime. Through maps, the reachable destination can be tracked. Also weather forecast details can be tracked and viewed at regular intervals.

Bringing total world at one place, the ‘WorldMate’ app will make the touring plan easy.

Best Free Android Travel Apps 8

We can plan, book, and manage the trip using this single app and help make the trip wonderful in all aspects.

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  1. Apple users can freely download Wunderlist app from iTunes. Windows Phone users can install Packing List app and can plan and pack without forgetting anything.

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