Valuable Internet Sites for Students

Search the internet and there are many valuable sites useful for students. When you find any of these useful websites for students while browsing, you can add them to bookmarks using the shortcut Ctrl + D. is like a search engine for all things related to Chemistry and provides valuable information relating to Chemistry.

Conversion of Miles into Kilometers, Dollars into Rupees, Pounds into Kilograms and any type of conversions can be done using the web service provides comprehensive space information which you can explore and view menu wise. Entering into Gallery you can view all captured images through Hubble’s eye more carefully.

To play with Mathematics go to
There are math games, logic games and puzzle games which increase the activeness, thought process and problem solving skills in players.

For English literature students, there’s to know about Shakespeare, his works and related information. is providing the wonders taken place in Science in the form of articles, projects & experiments. Here you can get all material on Science useful for elementary, middle school and high school students.

Video Lessons @Khan Academy
Khan Academy came forth with educational videos pertaining to students. Through YouTube we can see educational lectures and videos on math, science, chemistry, history, social studies and many more subjects.

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