Most Useful Tech Gadget for Students – Boogie Board LCD eWriter

Anybody if feels that technology is only useful for timepass to students after coming home from school or college, they’re ignorant to the development of technology and tech gadgets. There are so many tech gadgets, PC applications and mobile apps for students to improve their capability in education which are also not costly to purchase and some are even available freely online. We will now know about Boogie Board LCD eWriter which undoubtedly is the most useful tech gadget for students. In the classrooms if we use the eWriter, there is no need to turn the pages and not only this but also we can save paper. For that Boogie Board Sync 9.7-Inch LCD eWriter is available.

Boogie Board eWriter Sync
Boogie Board eWriter Sync 9.7

On touching the instrument screen, display will appear and we can start writing class notes on the writing surface with stylus provided for writing purpose. In the in-built memory provided nearly 1000 PDF files or 200 pages notes can be saved. In case memory is full, we can erase unwanted notes with one click. The notes stored in the Boogie Board can be copied to our system duly connecting through USB and later we can edit the notes in the system. To keep the stylus with the Boogie Board device, stylus slot has been provided. Cost of Boogie Board Sync 9.7-Inch LCD eWriter will be $99.99

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