Get Paper Clutter Organized and Digitized with Shoeboxed

In light of its relevance and popularity, I wanted to reach out to you to tell about Shoeboxed. is a web app that helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and families alike get their paper clutter organized and digitized. Specifically Shoeboxed is online receipt management service that can scan and data enter paper receipts for taxes, bookkeeping, and the IRS (Inland Revenue Services), a task that is notoriously painful.

Shoeboxed Eliminates Paper Clutter
Turn A Pile of Receipts Into Digital Data

To explain just a bit more about Shoeboxed: for a low monthly fee, you can send receipts and documents to Shoeboxed via postage-paid envelopes or snap photos with your camera phone and upload them to Shoeboxed. Then it scans those receipts, documents or business cards sent and converts them into digital data and then organize and stores everything in your secure, searchable Shoeboxed online account.

Here’s Overview Video:

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