With the Clock Gadget View Multiple Time Zones in Windows 7

Do your family members live in various places in the world with different time zones? We can know and keep track of the time in those places easily and for that there is Clock Gadget in Windows Desktop Gadgets which we can easily put on the desktop in Windows 7.

Right-clicking on the screen we have to select Gadgets option. Among those gadgets shown, the clock gadget is to be dragged onto the screen. If we want to know the timings in three countries, we have to drag three clocks. Now, click on gear button to open the clock gadget options and in the time zone settings select the required country time zone and okay it. In the same way for another two clock gadget on the desktop we have to select the required country time zone and then we will find there on the desktop multiple clocks with multiple time zones showing respective country’s timing.

Now, at any time, we can compare and view different country time zones. If we do not need any clock gadget, we can close that gadget. There is also a possibility to choose the clock gadget size and set the clock gadget to the percentage required to the clock capacity.

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