Set Up Daily Reminders with Free Alarm Clock

There are many ways in PC and mobile phones for reminding the works to be performed. Some are inbuilt and some in the mode of tools are to be installed for use. There is a small user friendly tool called Free Alarm Clock to set up daily reminders.

To install this simple reminder alarm clock in our system, the folder which is downloaded in zip format is to be extracted and the FreeAlarmClock.exe is to be run.Free Alarm Clock
Clicking +Add we can set up our required daily reminders to alert us with various types of ringtones available. Click on browse in the Alarm window and we can set the MP3 tracks in the system as alarm alert sounds.

Set Up Daily Reminders with Free Alarm Clock 1

We can turn on the monitor at the time of ringing the alarm. Other features provided in Free Alarm Clock are – In the label box we can write a custom text message relating to each reminder we add, we can snooze the alarm and there is adjustment of volume.

To download Free Alarm Clock go to

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  1. sometimes I feel that it would be better to set alarm so that the computer will remind me of the works to-do or to be done time to time and this Free Alarm Clock add-on for Windows surely helps me. Thanks.

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