Manage Your Health Info Online Using Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault

To access the individual medical reports, health records of the whole family members, we can utilize the services of HealthVault web-based platform which is being provided by Microsoft. To become a member in the site create a Microsoft account. After sign in, we can store and maintain our health and fitness information totally free of cost.

@HealthVault we can store health information from various resources. Manually we can enter the entire medical records and save it for future reference. Uploading the X-rays, scanning reports and other medical images we can save them so that we can show it to healthcare professionals at anytime required. There is a special section for managing the doctor appointments. Also we can save the life insurance policies and emergency contact numbers. We can create the ‘Weight Chart’ to regularly monitor the weight. To monitor the blood pressure there is a special division. Information regarding the children health can also be managed in the site.

To access more health apps and devices that help us better in achieving our health and fitness goals, go to “Discover apps & devices” tab menu in the homepage. Nearly in 170 devices, Microsoft HealthVault service can be utilized.

To use in mobile phones, we can install HealthVault in the mode of app. If we are Windows OS mobile or Windows Phone, get the app free from Windows Store at We can enter the details in the menus like allergies, conditions, family health history, insurance etc. iPhone users can obtain HealthVault app from iTunes App Store. If required go to the link

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