Easily Change File and Folder Attributes with Attribute Changer Tool

To hide a folder or file, we usually right-click on them and go to properties where we apply the new attributes. This way we have to spare more time but unlike that, with a special tool called Attribute Changer we can easily change file and folder attributes within no time.

In the window of the suitable Attribute Changer tool, options will be viewed in the form of tabs. To change the properties of files and folders we have to set Read-only, Hidden, Archive, Index, System and Compress modes.

Attribute Changer - File Properties, Change case, Modify date and time stamps

When we create a file in Windows, it will be saved with date and time. Starting to that, if any changes are made, modified date and time will also be displayed. To do changes in these create, modified and accessed dates, we can do it using Attribute Changer tool in the ‘Modify date and time stamps’ settings. If we want our saved settings to work in the startup itself, we can do changes entering into settings tab and tick the box ‘Load saved settings on startup’.

To download & install Attribute Changer go to the link http://goo.gl/nsXZze
After installing, to popup Attribute Changer window just right-click on any file or folder and in the menu options click on Change Attributes.

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