Easily Manage Startup Programs with Starter Tool

Upon starting the Windows system, it will take too much time for booting process. There are startup programs or startup items that will be loaded automatically in the beginning itself whenever Windows boots. Increasing Start up times is a sign of slow PC that is loaded with unnecessary and overwhelming amount of programs starting automatically during startup which shows adverse impacts on overall performance of the system as well.

To view all the startup programs and disable unwanted ones among those with a single click use CodeStuff Starter tool. Starter shows us all the startup items as well as services and processes running on the system.
To download Starter go to the link http://www.snapfiles.com/downloads/starter/dlstarter.html

Extract the file downloaded in .zip format and double-click on StarterSetup.exe to install Starter. Upon installing, run Starter and in the ‘Startups’ tab we can view and manage all the programs that run in startup. It also lists all the running registry entries as well as common startup folder items.

Do uncheck to safely disable any programs not needed during startup. If multiple user accounts are there in the system, click on ‘All users’. To open a required tool running in the startup, click on ‘Launch’. To know the details of all the running programs in the system, go to the ‘Processes’ tab. To remove permanently which are not required in startup, select and delete them.

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