How-to Easily Access Frequently Used Folders

In the process of working on the PC sometimes we get worthwhile thoughts to make the work easy way and we Google search for the ways and tips to make work easier. We learn some ways as tips and other easy ways of working is provided by free software tools. For example, when we’ve to access some important folders many times in Windows, we feel instead of opening Explorer and navigate through the folder paths all the times it would be tad better if we can to go to our frequently used folders with a single click.

The persons who are working in the multimedia field or as desktop publishers have the need to access same folders many times. In these circumstances, those who don’t know the easy ways to access their frequently used folders will keep the folders on the taskbar opened all the time. For opening the frequently used folders which we want in an easy method just by clicking the middle button of the mouse we’ve use ‘Folders Popup’ tool.

Folders Popup Menu

Having FoldersPopup.exe opened whenever we press the middle mouse button a small menu will be opened with saved folder locations in it. If we save our favorite folder locations in this, we can open them quickly with single click when required. To add a folder location in this menu, after clicking middle mouse button go to ‘Folders Popup Settings’.

Folders Popup Settings - Add, Remove, Edit Folders

Now click on ‘Add’ in the appeared settings window to browse for a folders and add it to the list. We can organize added folder locations into groups and set separators. To use this handy tool wherever we want, we can take it into USB drive. Folders Popup add-on for Windows Explorer can be downloaded from the link

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