Powwownow – The Brand New Conference Call iPhone App

There are currently thousands of iPhone apps available for iPhone users, some fun, some practical, but if you work in a business that requires you to take part in conference calls, which require you to log in to a call using a complicated code that changes frequently, then a new app may just be for you: A conference call app for your smartphone that is easy to use.

Created by UK based online conference call provider, Powwownow, the iPhone app is the product of research and listening to their customers’ feedback. And their research showed that their customers need an easier way to access their conference calls, and Powwownow have done just that, as the users of the app can join a call at the touch of a button. For remote users, the app will automatically search for the best dial in number by geo-locating the user, which will avoid the cost of an international call and remove the risk of incurring any expensive and unnecessary fees.

Powwownow iPhone app My Conferences screenshot

As well as conducting conference calls, the app also schedules calls for you, invite the relevant participants from your contact list, and send you email reminders of any upcoming calls so you’ll never be left out of the loop. It also has the added option of letting you personalize your conference call system with the option of using their free call recording service, desktop sharing and even the chance to choose your hold music, making this app the first of its kind in the world.

Available to download for free at the Powwownow website, the only charge you’ll incur is the cost of the call, which you’ll be able to view on your bill. And if you’re unsure about how to use it, there’s a handy demo to guide you on your way. Powwownow app is also available in the App Store, just search for ‘Powwownow’ in the App Store.

For more information on Powwownow and their services, visit Powwownow’s Official Website at www.powwownow.com/

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